Time to Act, Time to Wait

There was a strong young farmer who was much frustrated. His field was not giving him the expected yield. All he knew of was working really hard and consequently disappointment was all that came his way.

He would start out early in the morning and return late in the evening after back breaking work. Even after work was done he would sometimes sit looking at the crops as if expecting the field to harvest faster. In his eagerness to see the result of his hard work, he ended up harvesting the crop before it was ready to be harvested. As a result he had to sell the produce at a very low rate in the market.

Low spirited and seeking the solution to this situation, he went to an elderly farmer who without much effort seemed to get a good harvest. The old farmer answered, "My crop has taught me 2 lessons: time to act and the time to wait. Don't act when it's time to wait and don't wait when it's time to act"

- हेरंब