Leela: Universe at Play

It is often said “Perform your actions without thinking about its fruits”. But is it practically possible to do so every day?

It's our natural tendency to look for the reward even before we take the first step towards doing something. Many a time, our actions are driven by rewards instead of being guided by our feelings and thoughts.

After all, it is rewards that matter to us, right? Then why should we bother about all this philosophical nonsense?

You hit a stone on a wall and it comes back, throw it in a river and it sinks or throw the same stone high up in the sky and it falls back on the earth. Every action has a consequence in this world we see around us, which is the fruit of any and every action we perform.

Every consequence is well governed by laws, some of which we are aware and some not. Nothing is random. This means, there is no need to think about the reward or fruit which is then a natural consequence.

Focus all your energies on the action and do it with utmost sincerity. This brings you in total control of your life by giving you the choice of careful action and gives you the power to decide what action to choose from in situation of conflicting actions.

Most importantly, always embrace the result you get back. Many times, we complain about not fully receiving the expected. Yes, it may not be the one you expected. After all, the universe doesn't reveal everything at once. Every moment its Leela (the divine play) is unfolding.

Trust the universe and plunge into your action with complete responsibility.