The Fate of Mangoes

Satya had eaten mangoes long time back on a day which he could hardly remember. As he was sitting in the balcony reading the newspaper, he tried to ignore the sound of knife and the chopping board from the kitchen.

He had just returned from the 25th anniversary celebration of his company, Diamond Mango Exporters.

40 years ago, he stayed with his parents in a poor neighbourhood. There was no question of eating mangoes when they could hardly afford 2 meals a day. However his mother had a tough time convincing Satya to reduce his craving for mangoes. After having tried everything from logic to coaxing, finally fate decided to help her.

The next day there was a big fight in the neighbour’s house: his wife was adamant on eating mangoes forcing him to get mangoes from the market after spending whatever little savings he had. However he couldn’t make it back home alive due to an accident.

But this incident worked well in favour of Satya’s mother who managed to convince him that his father would be taken away like the neighbor if he doesn’t stop demanding mangoes all the time.

Satya had just finished reading the newspaper. Out there in the drawing room, his daughter had emptied a plate full of mango slices.

- हेरंब