Break Your Chains by Dr.Shruti Jamkhedkar | Words Can Heal

A baby elephant in a zoo struggles a lot to break free from the iron chains, tries hard to remove the constraints in his movement and struggles for freedom. The baby elephant being small, less powerful than a grown up elephant, is not always successful in his attempts.

But do you really think an adult elephant, the largest land mammal cannot break that chain! Then what is it that stops him from trying one more time to break the chain, to achieve what he always wanted?

He, as a baby, believed that he CANNOT break the iron chain. How much ever he tries, his efforts will go in vain, as they did when he was young and etched a lot of pain. He grows up believing that his attempts are of no use and he stops trying.

BUT, he hardly knows that NOW he has the ability, capability, and strength to break the chains.
Regardless of his ability, he is held back by his old false belief and he stops trying in the present, when now the goal is realistically achievable.

We too, at times are chained mentally like the elephant, and are held back by some old belief—which our 'CHILD' MIND either heard, learnt from someone or experienced for self—which would have appeared to be a true case back then; but we forget that the same old belief may not apply today. As we've grown as a human, acquired new skills, and have a lot of learnings with us as compared to the 'old' us.

I believe, what I couldn't do or achieve in the past is not an evidence enough that I can't do or achieve it today. Even if, I myself or someone else had a strong opinion that 'I am too old for this', 'I am not made for this' or 'I should put efforts somewhere else' or blah blah blah..., I CAN CHOOSE TO THINK DIFFERENTLY NOW AND TRY AGAIN, TRY ONE MORE TIME.

Because I will not let the barrier of such old false beliefs come in my way of putting efforts and I will keep trying to reach my goal.

Because I believe...

–Dr.Shruti Jamkhedkar

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Not A Poet said…
Amazingly written.
Anonymous said…
Thank you:)