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Untold Stories of Love 

These short stories bring forth relations which paint different shades of love. These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is; no cosmetics.

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7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media 


The COVID-19 times have given a different meaning to the word ‘viral’. In these troubling and uncertain times, when the world has largely come to a standstill, we began our internet journey with a rapid pace. Everyone worked towards starting things online, be it entertainment, education, medical advice, healthcare services, or food industry. While this was being done to provide essentials, social media was revealed to us in a different form. 

Frustration towards the present situation, trolling, hatred, criticism, political word wars went rampant. Although such a display may seem obvious in these times, have we really thought about how to best use social media even before? Is this platform limited to entertainment? Or have we neglected its other dimensions? This book explores simple ways of using social media with caution and finding opportunities for success.


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"Social Media has definitely become an essential ingredient in the life of Millennials. But the baby boomers sure can't deny the fact that it is something that they cannot stay away from either. Heramb tactically puts forth ideas as to how you can use this very Social Media to your benefit instead of just scrolling through it day and night without letting it help you in reaching your goals. It's the most simplified approach proposed in words for anyone and everyone out there. The book is current and easy to understand. He walks you through the steps you need to take to adapt to the changing media landscape and the ways in which you can optimize it to your own benefit. This puts light on several positive uses of social media and online spaces."

- Purva Kini
Digital Marketer and Wanderer
Instagram: @being_philosophical

The Last Nomad 

A novella by Heramb Sukhathankar
Released at Jaipur Art Summit 2019, Mumbai.

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Every moment of Rahul Gite’s childhood has been etched with strange stories; untold stories from the dark and dreary lanes of thriving Shantinagar slum in Bombay. Written by nameless faces out of the thrust for survival these are stories of hate, love, greed and belief. But everyone hates them; they bring us face to face with life—off guard and will-less.

Then there is Ryan Davis enjoying the ancient stories of myths and legends from his parents, sitting in the drawing room of a well furnished apartment in Sagamihara, Japan – the land of hope. Life in Sagamihara has been nothing short of a fairy tale; streets bathing in the beautiful pink cherry blossoms, autumn leaves floating at the mystical Lake Sagami and gigantic kites magnificently soaring in skies during the Sagami Giant Kites Festival. Life has become a story soaked in fantasy leaving Ryan longing for more. One day by happenstance, Rahul and Ryan meet each other at the crossroads of life. Will they have to let go the stories they have cherished?

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“अंगावर काटे आणणाऱ्या या घटना एखाद्या साहसी समुद्र प्रवास किंवा घनदाट जंगलामधील कथांच्या इतक्याच रोमांचक आहेत. 'द लास्ट नोमाड वाचताना, लेखक मधु मंगेश कर्णिक यांनी लिहिलेल्या 'माहीमची खाडी' या कादंबरीची आठवण होते.”
- Jaydev Bhatwadekar (Lokprabha)

"Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. Cherish it a lot...definitely a heart-warming read."
– Archana Dash

"Not for a moment while reading the book I could stop imagining what was exactly happening. I think it's absolutely beautiful."
- Abhishek Ghag

"This poetic narration is emotionally charged, to say the least. Without detracting the plot, the author has showcased various elements of the Indian society, specifically the concept of religion."
-Carrot Bites

"No one can imagine where the story takes you but the bonding of evolution is engrossing. A book that indulges everyone's interest."
-Shahnila Hassan

"The Last Nomad has a narration that leaves with certain food for thoughts and emotions that don't become a baggage on you."
- Errors and Kaushal

"Not all things experienced can be understood...Not all things understood can be expressed"
It's so true in the case of The Last Nomad and it's left me speechless."
- Lakshimi Shenoy

"The author has done justice by taking minute care of each element around which the whole story is built. Each line in the book has its own revelation."
- Anjana Khare

"Another beautiful piece in this novel is the protagonist's understanding of a woman. These beautiful pieces are intelligently woven together by a thrilling and compelling story telling"
- Book Through The Lens

“The usage of words is undoubtedly mesmerising... Each and every page of The Last Nomad has unveiled new shades of human behaviour.”
- Dipti Shinde

The Fiction Collective by Notion Press 

Anthology of 25 winning entries (handpicked from over 800 short stories) at the Notion Press National Writing Competition 2022. Hope you enjoy some good indie short stories. 

Do let me know how you liked my story, The Straight Lines. 

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Thoughts Undone: Poetry Anthology by Notion Press 

About the anthology
Every page inhabits a bottled emotion, a forgotten memory, a melancholic feeling, a shared experience, or even a blissful routine. Immerse yourself in these moments where the world stood still, while only the power of poetry moved people.

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What started as thoughts and poems written in moments of solitude is now a book, thanks to Writersgram Publications. Presenting Leela, a collection of quotes and poems.

Releasing on November 10, 2020 exclusively on Amazon and Writersgram. Pre-order your copy today!


"Poems and quotes happen in time and space but are universal. They come unannounced keeping the authors on their toes. Leela is a compilation of such playful moments.

A perfect book for casual reading, you can read and enjoy it in sequence or skim through to find your quote of the day. With quotes interspersed with poems, the author hopes to make the reader experience the joy of finding more in less."
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