Iskool not that cool: a dig at formal education

Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, I have been watching the efforts and struggle of teachers and well as students to adopt to this new experience of digital/distance/technology-enabled/virtual/any-other-funky-name-you-want education. For those who believe technology can transform the learning experience, like a magic wand, I would like to wish them luck. However, no matter which subject, the learning experience will largely depend on how well the teacher can adapt and teach as per the needs and capacities of the class. And technology is the last block in this puzzle.

Formal education has been a fun(?) experience for me. But before we take a dig at that serious world, let's get a little serious. 

The word 'education' is derived from the Latin 'educe' which means 'bring out or develop (something latent or potential)'. Have you experienced this sense of 'development' in your formal education or was it totally opposite? I think I was always AWAY when they were trying to develop students.

Here's how I would like to sum up my experience of formal education, although I haven't reached the final step, yet.

By the time you pass:
  • 10th class/Grade 10: You strongly believe you are the next Einstein, Steve Jobs or Picasso.
  • 12th class/Grade 12: You realize that all this struggle is simply about finding a job.
  • Graduation (or equivalent): What you 'know' doesn't count in the 'real' world!
  • Post-graduate: Anyone can do a job. I must pursue research!
  • PhD: I know everything about nothing.
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- The Last Nomad