'Need of the hour': Book review by Vijaya Bhanu Kote

I have been into social networking for the past 12 years. From the days of Orkut and Minglebox till date where everything is like a miracle or everything is like things happening like a swift sway of the magic wand. The 12 year journey made me evolve as a human being. Set many examples in front of my brains eye. These 12 years gave me lot of insights where I happened to learn many things and made wonderful like-minded friends who in the course of time emerged into the members of my own family. Social media leveled me to cope up with my knowledge, build strong professional bonds, aided in my experiment and practice of Heutagogy too. Are these advantages of social networking I am talking about? May be yes…but the underlying element is that being sane and thoughtful in social networking can actually aid in evolving.

I am deeply humbled to be asked to write a review of this short, crisp and implementable book that Heramb has authored, named “7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media”. This is the topic that I always wanted to pen few points on but could never find proper time to focus. Thanks Heramb for authoring such a useful book. He has not only taken every valid point into consideration when it comes to social media but also taken into consideration the ethical and evolutionary part of every human being who is a netizen. We all know that 60% of human race is now into the fold of internet in one or the other form. 

Heramb has said that social media is a wave and how you ride it that makes all the difference. I second it from the bottom of my heart. I have seen both kinds of people on social media who have succeeded in riding the wave and the second set of people who were crushed by the wave. In between the signing in and signing out, these 7 ways will instill new ideas in your social media lifestyle. He has thrown few challenges for us to test ourselves. He will prick the lethargy you have been stoked upon, while using social media, he will spread the sun-rays into your dark corners and will let you unleash your hidden potentials by being proactive in social media, using it for good and for professional and personal development. He will let you search for your internal toolkit and use it for good. If these 7 ways are implemented in our daily life, after some while, we shall surely find a great difference in our networking life. 

My heartfelt appreciation to Heramb Sukhathankar, for his timely input into the field of social networking literature. I wish him all very best for his future endeavours. 

- Vijaya Bhanu Kote
Teacher, Practitioner of Heutagogy, Writer and Poet
Email: vijayabhanukote1811@gmail.com

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