Exploring Sexology and Ayurveda: Dushtachakra (The Vicious Cycle) by Mandar Walimbe [Book Summary]

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Concepts in any culture are the easiest forms to be distorted in the absence of right perspective of studying and using them. One such concept, very much prevalent in many cultures (Hindu, Jain and Buddhist), is Brahmacharya, which is loosely (and incompletely) translated as celibacy.

The Vicious Cycle (दुष्टचक्र - Marathi Edition) explores the concept of Brahmacharya through the diverse perspectives of Sexology and Ayurveda. With the rise of popular media channels and independent content creators, misconceptions about health and sex education are rampant. With no guidance from individuals who have dedicated their lives to building science exploring health and wellbeing, youth often fall into the trap of believing and following popular notions which turn out detrimental to their health. 

So, what's the way out? Start at the place where you are. Do not believe but observe, study, and practise. And this is what author Mandar Walimbe's book will help you chart out. What's reassuring for readers is the author's rational approach to the subject rather than a position of morality or authority. 

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