An Introduction to Archaeology by Prof. H.D.Sankalia [Book Summary]

While we often hear that dwelling in the past can be detrimental to living in the present, reading this book can get you addicted to explore our past, i.e. history of humans. 

Although the title may seems highly technical (or maybe boring) the book, on the contrary, is like reading a detective novel. Introduction to Archaeology, was first published under the 'History of Man' series by the Department of Archaeology, University of Poona and the Deccan College in 1965. 

Covering multiple aspects related to human civilization, through the lens of archaeology, the book gets straight to the heart of the subject without much dependence on technical jargon. The view that Archaeology lies at the convergence of humanities and sciences (natural and applied) is very well demonstrated.
In fact, one can say that the book is a must read for every person, irrespective of the educational background and age, who is curious to explore the 'story of man' as stated aptly by the author, Prof. Sankalia, a pioneer of Archaeology in India. After reading this book, the way one perceives their surroundings is bound to become more interesting.

In a nutshell, the concluding lines of this book reveal the heart of this work painstakingly put together.
'For the aim is the total picture of man in the past. There is joy or delight not only in having this knowledge, but in its very pursuit.'

Thanks to Dr. Suken Shah for sharing this gem. 

This book is presently out of publication. To get a copy, you can check with the Publications section of Deccan College, Pune. For more details, follow the link:

To get your copy of 'Ramayana: Myth or Reality' by Prof. H.D.Sankalia, follow the link:

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