Unimportant | Walking without footprints

Is your idea of success to be occupied at work, become more rich, and own more? Now, give this a try: be a little unimportant.

Shutdown your work and just sit alone. Do you feel purposeless? When we try to fit life into a purpose, we live like a frog in the pond: in safe but stagnant waters. And as you already know, all safety is apparent. This short life is going to end someday.

So how do we handle this maddening race for becoming someone and reaching somewhere? Become unimportant. This doesn't mean you stop working. All it means is you stop being a puppet to situations.

Do a small and simple act that matters to you. For all rewards are enticements. Let go off the boxes you've split yourself into. Enjoy this little time for the sake of it. And when you live like this, you no longer care about telling the world that you were here. We leave no footprints, for the sea of time erases them soon. 
- The Last Nomad