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Akki discovers love | Valentine's Day Special

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

Akki was crazy about plants. If it were possible, he would fill every spot in the house with these green beings. Thanks to his mother who kept the calamity at bay but Akki wasn't the one to easily give up his passion.

'Look maa, the papaya seeds have sprouted!' shouted Akshay, rushing straight to his mother and dragging her to the balcony.
'What papaya? Oh my god! You father will drive us out along with the pots. But when did you sow these?'

'Last week, after we ate the papaya, I dropped them here while everyone was watching the TV,' he giggled.

'You shouldn't try to grow a tree inside a pot. It needs good soil and plenty of space.'

'It'll grow here. Please don't throw it, maa.'

'Of course not but first, you promise me to plant it somewhere once it becomes a sapling.'

'Ok maa,' he replied with hesitation.

With Akki engrossed in his everyday activities, weeks passed by in a flash until one evening when his maa called him to the balcony.

'I think it's time we move the papaya into the public garden.'

'Can I watch for some more days? Maybe it'll grow big,' replied Akki, not ready to part with his new friend.

'But it won't grow to its full size in this small pot. Would you like to see it stunted?'

'No maa. Ok, let's do it,' he said realising the result.

'Why are you sad? It is good for the plant to grow in rich soil, open space, and cared for by many people. Wouldn't you like to visit it everyday while playing?'

'That'll be fun.'

The next day, Akki and his maa planted the papaya in their local garden. A year later, the little plant had grown into a big tree full of fruits. Akki enjoyed watching sparrows hop on its branches and shaking the leaves covered with raindrops. Isn't it love to give the needed space and nourishment for someone to blossom?

- The Last Nomad
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