Three reasons why you shouldn't miss Om Raut's Prabhas starrer Adipurush

No matter how much one strives, it is impossible to please everyone and certainly so in the world of cinema. If we decide, we can find flaws in the best of works. However, despite the recent flak from audience, Om Raut's Prabhas and Kriti Sanon starrer Adipurush is soaring high at the Box Office.

After seeing the grand trailer, I was shocked to see the audience reaction on the day of release. Calling it names over the dialogues, VFX and casting, many viewers gave negative reviews. After personally watching a show, I am sharing my perspective with you.

1. Don't watch Adipurush if...

If are going to the theatre with the expectation of watching a remake of Ramanand Sagar's or B.R.Chopra's televised Ramayan, don't book your tickets. Cinema is an evolving medium. The visual, literary and musical language of cinema has to match the expectations of its audience to be commercially successful. However, every director creates a film with a certain cinematic vision and Adipurush definitely has one. It is grand in its cinematic language and music definitely has contributed its share. In fact, the young audience in the theatre, including children were enjoying it well.

2. Is Adipurush VFX substandard?

Prasad Sutar, the man behind 'Adipurush' VFX, is known for giving films like Don 2, Bajirao Mastani, Tanhaji and has also won a Filmfare Award for Best Visual Effects for Tanhaji. The VFX is definitely realistic.

3. Are Adipurush dialogues really cringe?

After being trolled for its seemingly cringe dialogues like 'Lanka laga denge' the viewers seems to have missed some finer aspects of cinema. Ramayana is a 'itihasa' that is not 'mythology' as losely termed, but 'history'. It has several different versions which are prominently folk narrations. Some say there are as many as 300 versions. Expect for a handful of dialogues which can be termed 'colloquial', a major portion of the narration is written in standard Hindi cinema language. And to avoid further lash from puritans, these 5 dialogues are being changed as announced on 18 June 2023.

Finally, let's not forget that it is a movie whose primary objective is entertainment. Has Adipurush let down the epic in any way? Not really. Instead this cinema has brought forth the relevance of our itihasa in a grand cinematic language once again and encouraged the viewers to read and understand Ramayan on their own.

- The Last Nomad
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