Poet Borkar – The Flower Pollen!

Balkrishna Bhagvant Borkar (बा.भ.बोरकर)
A poet handsome in every sense, inside out, just like he says आम्ही हो फुलांचे पराग! (Eng Trans: I’m like the flower pollen!)

नाही पुण्याची मोजणी is one of his poems which will guide us within every time we read or listen. The poem is so beautiful (didn’t know a single word to express the experience, let’s say beautiful for now!) that I wanted it to be shared with my friends who do not understand Marathi.

Translating a poem without diluting its essence is a challenge. Here’s a humble attempt. Would love to read your thoughts about it, don’t forget to comment.

(Original Poem in Marathi)

नाही पुण्याची मोजणी

नाही पुण्याची मोजणी
नाही पापाची टोचणी
जिणे गंगौघाचे पाणी

कशाचा लागभाग
कशाचा पाठलाग
आम्ही हो फुलांचे पराग

आम्हां नाही नामरूप
आम्ही आकाशस्वरूप
जसा निळानिळा धूप

पूजेतल्या पानाफुलां
मृत्यु सर्वांगसोहळा
धन्य निर्माल्याची कळा

(Attempted Translation)

Purity Unmeasured

Purity unmeasured
without the prick of sin
life is the flowing water of Ganga

not in a chase
I’m the flower pollen

Without name and form
nature of the sky I am        
just like blue blue incense

For flowers offered in worship
death is but an eternal ceremony
praise the state of flowers stale

Listen to Pandit. Jitendra Abhisheki presenting it: https://youtu.be/tZol6tvKek8

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