Tercets | The Play of 3

Numbers, numbers, numbers! Like a mathematician numbers matters to a poet. Maybe more.

More than a deliberate attempt at crafting 3/5/7 line poems, there is something natural, existential, living about these which can be lost in explanation and reasoning. Just like Albert Einstein said, "...as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure."

Tercets are one such phenomenon. They are three lines of poetry that may make a complete poem or a stanza.

Few Tercets which I wrote even before I knew they existed.

1. Death

Lock the doors,
or keep guards.
The mocking death always plays swift.

2. Young

Young leaves dance, happy and content.
Old ones fall down,
never to meet again.

3. The Concert

The strings stopped strumming
and the bow stopped moving.
The concert began.