A tribute to Grace

चैतन्याची चाहूल
देऊन तुम्ही हो गेला
तिमिरात शोधतो कविता
अन्  शब्द राहिले हाती
- हेरंब

Grace... that wasn't his real name. But who can separate what's real from the abstract? Just as he made the abstract and obscure seem more tangible through his poetry than the immediate real.

Today would have been his 79th birthday.

संदिग्ध घरांच्या ओळी
आकाश ढवळतो वारा;
माझ्याच किनार्‍यावरती
लाटांचा आज पहारा !

Listen to Grace speaking at G A Mahotsav, where he was awarded the prestigious GA Sanman. It is held every year in the memory of litterateur GA Kulkarni.

image courtesy: www.aathavanitli-gani.com

- हेरंब