A Love Story | Cigarette

She was brought back into the present with sudden start of the bus.

Her eyes happened to notice the peculiar shape of the co-passenger's belly region. She was more convinced of her belief after seeing the manner in which the accompanying man's fingers were carefully wrapped around the lady's shoulder - the lady was pregnant.

Through the smoke she was inhaling, it seemed for a moment as if he was around. "I would stop smoking when we are expecting...," she had promised him.

But he was gone, 4 months back. Her fingers crushed the burning cigarette in the extinguisher.

This story is a part of the Untold Stories of Love.
These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is; no cosmetics.

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Hope you enjoy it.

- हेरंब


Maniparna said…
Beautiful. So many emotions, feelings and memories are wrapped up in this tiny tale.. :-)
The Last Nomad said…
Hey, thanks Maniparna!