An Encounter with Death

A brave king, constantly thinking of the forthcoming battle, was seeing repeated visions of his death. Haunted thus for days on end, one night he started running across the street, deep into the night. The guards unable to report this to the prime minister, as per the king's orders, found themselves in a fix.
Breathing heavily and quickening his dying pace, the king reached onto the road which led towards one end of the coastal kingdom.

As the deafening sound of the waves below crushed his little left strength, the king went down on his feeble knees close to the cliff edge. Death now took the appearance of the dark sea, swinging its numerous arms back and forth.

'Why are you following me?' asked the king unable to open his eyes, hearing only the sound of his own breath.

'Am I dead?' he cried.

'If you think so,' answered a giggling voice.

The waves kept crashing without a moment's break at the cliff base.

'Where are you?' screamed the king, gathering strength out of nowhere.

'In your mind,' said a dying voice.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad