All I See is The Field

Once upon a time, believing for now that time exists, there was a rich farmer named Don. And as desired by providence, there lived an equally rich farmer, James, as his neighbour.

But James was facing a problem: being rich enough he couldn’t find the motivation to work whereas Don was at his field every morning without fail.

Seeing this sight everyday and growing evermore restless, James decided to find out the secret from Don.

That evening, James landed at Don’s door unannounced. “That is not my achievement,” said Don laughing, making James even more confused.

“Every morning as I wake up, I don’t seem to remember that I am rich. All I see is the field waiting for me,” he simply said offering him some tea and James found himself at peace.

The next morning, James woke up with a strange kind of joy. But now he found himself in an even bigger problem: forget Don, the field and his riches, now he couldn't figure out why he was delighted when he woke up.

Apologies for posting after quite some time. Hope you enjoyed reading this tale. In the meanwhile, here's what I was busy doing: micro-blogging on YourQuote app.

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- The Last Nomad