The best gift on International Women's Day!

" Not all things experienced can be understood... Not all things understood can be expressed"

It's so true in the case of the latest book I read " The Last Nomad" and it's left me speechless.. The book has been wonderfully written by Heramb Sukhathankar and tells the interesting story of Rahul and Ryan whose lives are intertwined in a way that you need to read it to know the story.

Goosebumps is what you shall get in certain situations... written in such a detailed way where you will be right there next to Ryan listening to what he says and seeing and feeling what he feels!!! Kudos and waiting for many more books to be released!!

- Lakshimi Shenoy (Goodreads)

What can be more wonderful a gift on the International Women's Day than this special appreciation from a woman. Thank you, Lakshimi!

Here are some of readers' favourite excerpts and a poem from the novella.

"Although every woman knew that the ruler was only exploiting her man’s helplessness, being dependent for food and safety, she couldn’t muster the courage to convince him about it."

"No matter how hard he tried in the previous week to make it tidy, it still lacked a woman’s

"I have always found understanding women to be beyond my grasp. My mama was one such woman I long to meet."

The poem...

"It was the promised poem, written with her eyeliner.

If I Were a Woman

If I were a woman
I would want to be cared
Not handled

The pleasure you seek in me
I would love to give more
When your eyes speak of the promise of trust

I hate being at your mercy
More than your support
I long for your company

Never was I lonelier before
Now without you
Loneliness is solitude

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- The Last Nomad