24 Mar 2016

Poem on Holi | तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

लातूर मधे मृत्यू होतायत
पाण्याच्या रांगेत तिष्टत असलेल्यांचे
आणि मुंबई न्हाऊन निघतेय रंगांनी
तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

विरोधकांना अजून एक संधी मिळालीये
सरकारवर तोफ डागण्याची
अजून एक अपयश माथी मारण्याची
तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

आपलं माणूस नसणं कसं कळणार
पैसे देऊन पाणी विकत घेणार्यांना
जाऊदे आपल्याला काय त्याचं
तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

विदर्भात २००० शेतकरी गेले
न मोजलेल्यांची संख्या माहित नाही
"अच्छे दिन" येणारेत, डोंट वरी
तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

देव सापडेल एकवेळ
आपल्यातला माणूस दगड झालाय
गोड लागत नाही आज पुरण पोळी
तुम्हा सर्वांना हॅपी होळी

- हेरंब

13 Mar 2016

Poem: Light Of The Moon

Light of the moon
Sparkling on your silver shivering body
As my fingers come closer to feel you breathe
The farther you move

Speaking of the way
You enchanted me with those lovely eyes
And you teased me by coming and going
As every moment my parched feet sink in with thirst

I know you are too vast
For me to call you my own
O ocean, my ocean of love
A drop of your love is all I have been waiting for

- हेरंब

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10 Mar 2016

The Romance of Encountering an Unexpected Book

I have always felt something romantic and mysterious about the act of buying an used book from an old paper mart. Ridiculous as it may sound, I'm sure many will have had some similar experience.

There are plenty such old paper marts in Mumbai, mostly located outside railway stations or near colleges, having books which you can't imagine would exist covered with dust in this most unlikely place.

It happens like this - you enter the shop to buy a recent best seller or a book by your favourite author. While the shopkeeper is busy locating it in the dangerously piled book towers, you happen to notice a different book. Or does the book draw you towards itself? You have never heard the book title, sometimes it is a book published before you were born by an author unheard of. Not that the book has an attractive cover, but somehow it is able to draw you. You read the back cover blurb and open the book. The traffic on the road is crazy- honking horns and autorickshaws, but the din doesn't matter anymore. The shop keeper comes out with the book you asked for but you can't take your eyes off this unexpected book in your hand.

You ask him to give you this book instead of the one you entered the shop for and made him struggle to get it from the precarious tower of books. "What a crazy guy!" the shopkeeper is left confused as you leave after paying him for the unexpected encounter.

Here are some books which I encountered at some odd locations in Mumbai. Have you had a similar experience?

- हेरंब

4 Mar 2016

The Tale of Banned Works | When a Writer Stops Writing

If you assume literature is a world of best sellers, dignity, the elite and Pulitzers, Man Booker or Sahitya Kala Akademi, think again. There are streaks of struggle and muffled voices which are very much present in this field too. One such happening is banning of books containing purportedly derogatory or defamatory work.

The works are banned because the sentiments of a section of society have been hurt. The over all situation seems so brittle that sometimes I wonder writers, filmmakers, painters or any creative individual for that matter may stop expressing through their work out of this fear.

If you think this is a imaginative paranoia I am sharing, here is an incident.

Perumal Murugan gives up writing
“Perumal Murugan, the writer is dead. As he is no God, he is not going to resurrect himself. He also has no faith in rebirth. An ordinary teacher, he will live as P. Murugan. Leave him alone,” '

“Those who have bought my books can consign them to the flames. I am also ready to pay compensation to them,” he said.

This maybe one reported incident. What about those who trashed their thought before even they could be conceived just out of this fear?

I remember this quote after reading about all this, " If you are right then there is no reason to get angry and if you are wrong then you don't have to be angry." Easy to read, difficult to digest.

The answer to the situation seems to me that our society is not evolved enough beyond their brittle egos to let someone write, paint or photograph what doesn't go with their accepted beliefs. More unfortunate than the author is the society who has missed out on an opportunity to evolve out of their cocoons.

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BBC NEWS: Why Indian author Perumal Murugan quit writing
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- हेरंब

2 Mar 2016

Experience in Self Publishing: Gratitude

Having been able to self-publish two books recently, I am really excited to see the response from readers. Every time an emails pings my inbox or someone texts about it, I feel thankful to the reader.

Your every comment, feedback, like and  share is inspiring. Thanks to all readers.


मेंढी, वॉचमन व इतर लघुकथा
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Untold Stories of Love
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- हेरंब