28 Jun 2018

Quote Posters for you

Thanks to the encouragement from readers, I'm planning to open a virtual quote store to get photo-quality posters from The Last Nomad delivered for your home, college or office*.

To reduce the shipping cost, creative ideas to mail the posters are welcome! 😊🤘

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*Shipping is limited to India as of now.

#quotestore #postershop

- The Last Nomad

19 Jun 2018

The Last Nomad reviewed by Dr. Snob

"The story is impactful and crisp. The author used short story pattern which was captivating," says Dr. Snob.

Rating: 4/5

To read the complete review, follow this link.

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Paperback (20% Off): https://goo.gl/SmL2sn

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- The Last Nomad