17 Dec 2018

सप्पई गंडवायलय

मैत्री व्हावी असं काहीच साम्य न्हवतं दोघात. तो कॉलेज मध्ये खूप सिनियर आणि ती नुकतीच पासआउट झालेली. जनरेशन gap का काय म्हणतात त्याला खूप वाव होता इतका फरक!

त्यांनी शेजारी बसावं याचं निमित्त ठरली होती एका तिसऱ्याच विषयावरची कार्यशाळा. त्यात परत दोघांनाही यायचं न्हवतं हे ही ठरलेलं. तो अगदी शांत, अबोल, आपल्यातच असल्यासारखा तर तिची वर वर शांत मुद्रा, पण आतून एकदम जब व्ही मेट मधली बडबडी करीना. आपल्यासारखंच कुणीतरी शांत भेटल्याचा त्याचा आनंद काही चिरकाळ टिकणार न्हवता.

कार्यशाळा चालू होती आणि खूप वेळ दोघांपैकी कुणीही एकमेकांशी काहीच बोललंच न्हवतं. या कंटाळवाण्या शांततेला वैतागलेली ती आणि तिची सारखी चाललेली चुळबुळ त्याला दिसत होती पण बोलावं काय हे ठरवण्यातच त्याचा खूप वेळ जात होता. शेवटी तिनेच त्याचं काम सोप्पं केलं. "तुम्ही एक पुस्तक लिहिलंय ना?" असा एकदम आदरार्थी प्रश्न त्याच्याकडे फेकला आणि त्याला हसूच आलं. हसू आवरत आणि थोडं दबूनच तो होय म्हणाला.

आज या गोष्टीला अनेक वर्ष लोटली. आयुष्यात ते दोघे आपापल्या इच्छित ठिकाणी अधिकउण्या फरकाने पोहोचलेत पण आयुष्याची बॅलन्स शीट मांडणाऱ्यांपैकी ते कधी न्हवतेच. दर रविवारी मिसळ आणि चीझ टोस्ट हाणल्याशिवाय त्यांचा वीकएंड पूर्ण होत नाही. यानंतर, दात पडलेत दोघांचेही तरीही, ताराबाई पार्कला गम्मत म्हणून लॅपा मारणं काही सोडलं नाहीये. त्याचे हात थरथरतात ब्रेक मारताना पण तिला मात्र पूर्ण कॉन्फिडन्स आहे. त्याच्या त्या पुस्तकाने त्याला काय दिलं ह्याचा हिशोब मांडण्याच्या फंदात तो कधी पडला नाही पण आज मात्र त्याची एक खात्री पटली होती. आपले काहीतरी घट्ट ऋणानुबंध असल्याशिवाय आयुष्य काय असं आपल्याला सप्पई गंडवायचं नाही आणि आशा वाण्ड लोकांचा उगीच लोभही नाही लावायचं!

- The Last Nomad

1 Oct 2018

Poem: Frames

Dark and bad, you see me through frames

Frames which make the world appear happy and sad

Frames of morals and frames of shame,

It may take a lifetime to realise the stupid game

Trying to live a correct life you will struggle and die,

Crooked, weird, and beautiful, are works of the same I

So, drop the frame,

Before you are framed

- The Last Nomad

21 Sep 2018

Entry for Tata Literature Live 2018 | MyStory Contest

This poem is my entry for Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest 2018.

If you like it, vote for me by following this link (http://wshe.es/HSIgBUlx) and pressing the green-coloured 'Vote' button.

adult, adventure, backpack


Death of the Ambitious Man

Head down he walks,
Burdened by his wants and thoughts.
Excludes himself from the chai shop talk,
As the toothless wrinkled shopkeeper offers him a Gold Flake.

His spirit seems crushed,
Like the crashed stock market,
As his mind greedily tries to grasp,
The next aim of his life.

Music seems too frivolous,
And poetry effeminate,
It's been ages since his eyes,
Nurtured pearls of joy.

Unable to mingle with old and young,
That evening he walks alone,
To his beloved home,
On the well-lit, clean and lonely street.
- The Last Nomad

Follow this link to vote for the poem: http://wshe.es/HSIgBUlx

- The Last Nomad

9 Aug 2018

Happy Book Lovers Day

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- The Last Nomad

22 Jul 2018

An illustrated excerpt from The Last Nomad

    Note: This novella is not an illustrated work.

"It was their last night at the camp. Ryan woke up with a jolt, only to see Saki sleeping peacefully. It was one of those nightmares that occurred when Ryan was staying in Bombay (now Mumbai) with Deven and Mishraji.  
He came out of the tent, feeling uneasy. At some distance, Macy’s friends were sitting around a bonfire. Oddly enough, the light from the stars shimmering that night wasn’t adequate to see the rest of the camp.  
And suddenly, the bonfire went out after few streaks of lightning came down from the sky, followed by a loud rumbling sound. Before Ryan could realise anything, the land beneath his feet felt pulled away like a carpet and he was tossed into the air. Some tremendous force kept pushing and rolling him forward at a great speed.  
All Ryan could see while being strongly whirled were strange objects illuminated by frequent streaks of lightning. Suddenly, he was sucked into deep silence. He heard a feeble ektara strumming in the background. Ramaa appeared, swirling mid-air, with matted tresses let loose, singing Jonomo Morono in her haunting voice. Then he felt his breath stop."
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- The Last Nomad

18 Jul 2018

When your work makes them happy

Even a gloomy day looks bright and sunny when your work makes someone smile. :)

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- The Last Nomad

9 Jul 2018

The Last Nomad reviewed by Samvedna Singh

"Do the chapters of destiny unfolds differently, acting on a sincere advice of the name you carry?
Or everything that comes our way has been religiously inked, revealing only the part that’s for us to comprehend presently, knowing that it will be holding ground in the journey of life? The author has done enough justice in answering it, with his distinctive story line detailing every aspect he has touched."
- Samvedna Singh on The Last Nomad

To read the complete review, follow this link.

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- The Last Nomad

4 Jul 2018

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