12 Mar 2019

Introspection की आत्मचिंतन?

पाहता पाहता ७०-७२ वर्षात, हळू हळू आपण ग्लोबल होताना आपलं लोकल असणं विसरत गेलो हे कळलंच नाही.

संस्कृतीचं culture होऊन ती वास्तुसंग्रहलयात नटून बसली आहे. कचकड्याच्या वस्तू हाताळताना आपण विचारही तसाच करू लागलो. जुनं द्या फेकून, नवीन घ्या कर्ज काढून असा बराचसा प्रवास होताना दिसतोय.

कोशिंमबीर म्हटलं की जुनाट आणि salad with honey dressing काय ते trending. असो. आता याला  Introspection म्हणावं की आत्मचिंतन?

- The Last Nomad

8 Mar 2019

The best gift on International Women's Day!

" Not all things experienced can be understood... Not all things understood can be expressed"

It's so true in the case of the latest book I read " The Last Nomad" and it's left me speechless.. The book has been wonderfully written by Heramb Sukhathankar and tells the interesting story of Rahul and Ryan whose lives are intertwined in a way that you need to read it to know the story.

Goosebumps is what you shall get in certain situations... written in such a detailed way where you will be right there next to Ryan listening to what he says and seeing and feeling what he feels!!! Kudos and waiting for many more books to be released!!

- Lakshimi Shenoy (Goodreads)

What can be more wonderful a gift on the International Women's Day than this special appreciation from a woman. Thank you, Lakshimi!

Here are some of readers' favourite excerpts and a poem from the novella.

"Although every woman knew that the ruler was only exploiting her man’s helplessness, being dependent for food and safety, she couldn’t muster the courage to convince him about it."

"No matter how hard he tried in the previous week to make it tidy, it still lacked a woman’s

"I have always found understanding women to be beyond my grasp. My mama was one such woman I long to meet."

The poem...

"It was the promised poem, written with her eyeliner.

If I Were a Woman

If I were a woman
I would want to be cared
Not handled

The pleasure you seek in me
I would love to give more
When your eyes speak of the promise of trust

I hate being at your mercy
More than your support
I long for your company

Never was I lonelier before
Now without you
Loneliness is solitude

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- The Last Nomad

15 Feb 2019

The day I learnt creative writing from 50 teachers!

"Imagine a room with 100 windows and a person peeping in through each window. Within the room is an object of which only one view/face is visible from a window. What should the observers do to view the object in its entirety?"

Thus began the session, nudging the participants to ponder over the scenario, and wondering what has it got to do with creative writing. "Isn't trying to look at the process of creative writing like this scenario? You are trying to grasp the entire view of some thing you may or may not have even a glimpse of. How can this be done without shattering the windows? The easiest way to do this is to move from the window to within the room; from being an observer to a participant. This workshop is aimed at facilitating the shift!"

The workshop held on 2nd February at D.G. Ruparel College, was organised by the multi-lingual student writers' group अkshaर.

From exploring the concept of creativity to creative writing, the session progressed forth by focusing on the fundamentals of the writing process. The relation between senses (hearing and sight), meaning, and words was explored through individual activities, followed by discussion.

The workshop progressed through interspersed interaction with participants on the process of creative writing. "How to deal with the writer's block" was one segment which all the participants thoroughly seem to have enjoyed.

The group activity designed around 'Navrasas - the nine emotions' acted as a good culminating point to all the previous segments.

The time after certificate distribution and vote of thanks, turned into a memorable evening. One of the students, Mrunmayee Damle presented a song by whistelling with such perfection that it was really mesmerizing! Students buying copies of my novella, The Last Nomad, turned into an unplanned book signing event. Another highlight of this workshop was receiving the handmade bookmarks and the pop-up greeting card which had snaps of my Ruparel years.

The patience of students happily sitting through the extended hour and participating enthusiastically was a good feedback in this second session on Creative Writing. After analyzing students' feedback from the survey form, I am working on developing specialized sessions on creative writing.

Seeing the blooming Aboli/Crossandra plant every morning, which was given during the inaugration of the workshop, will always remind me of this day where I learnt from 50 teachers at the same time.

- The Last Nomad

4 Feb 2019

The India Pen Show | Day 2

Nothing could have been more wonderful than visiting an international fountain pen show right within your city limits, where you can touch a boru (reed pen) and a Parker Limited Edition (worth a fortune!) at the same time. It was like swimming in a sea of colourful pens and inks with fellow fountain pen lovers.

Organised as a tribute To Kaifi Azmi (on his Birth Centenary) at the Nehru Centre, the show was indeed delightful. Interspersed with workshops on calligraphy and poetry, there were stalls from the most amazing pen collectors and traders from the country, with the top most brands exhibiting their collections.

The highlight for me was meeting Noopur Datye (Type Designer, Co-Founder) from Aksharaya and learning about Devanagari Calligraphy, a subject I have been curious about from quite some time post Girish Dalvi's (also a Co-Founder of Aksharaya) lecture in a LateX workshop.

I should not miss telling you about meeting Mr. M Pandurangan, from the family that keeps ink pens relevant, today known as the owner of Ranga Pens from Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, which has become an international brand.

Ranga pens

Here are some glimpses from the show and my collectibles: Badges + Reed Pen + Fountain Pen + Devanagari Calligraphy book!

My collectibles

I am also trying to restore grandpa's "Sheaffer Feather Touch 500 Fountain Pen with 14K Gold Nib" and other fountain pens stolen by time but more on that in another post.

Know more about The India Pen Show and Aksharaya(Letter Conscious People).

- The Last Nomad

17 Dec 2018

सप्पई गंडवायलय

मैत्री व्हावी असं काहीच साम्य न्हवतं दोघात. तो कॉलेज मध्ये खूप सिनियर आणि ती नुकतीच पासआउट झालेली. जनरेशन gap का काय म्हणतात त्याला खूप वाव होता इतका फरक!

त्यांनी शेजारी बसावं याचं निमित्त ठरली होती एका तिसऱ्याच विषयावरची कार्यशाळा. त्यात परत दोघांनाही यायचं न्हवतं हे ही ठरलेलं. तो अगदी शांत, अबोल, आपल्यातच असल्यासारखा तर तिची वर वर शांत मुद्रा, पण आतून एकदम जब व्ही मेट मधली बडबडी करीना. आपल्यासारखंच कुणीतरी शांत भेटल्याचा त्याचा आनंद काही चिरकाळ टिकणार न्हवता.

कार्यशाळा चालू होती आणि खूप वेळ दोघांपैकी कुणीही एकमेकांशी काहीच बोललंच न्हवतं. या कंटाळवाण्या शांततेला वैतागलेली ती आणि तिची सारखी चाललेली चुळबुळ त्याला दिसत होती पण बोलावं काय हे ठरवण्यातच त्याचा खूप वेळ जात होता. शेवटी तिनेच त्याचं काम सोप्पं केलं. "तुम्ही एक पुस्तक लिहिलंय ना?" असा एकदम आदरार्थी प्रश्न त्याच्याकडे फेकला आणि त्याला हसूच आलं. हसू आवरत आणि थोडं दबूनच तो होय म्हणाला.

आज या गोष्टीला अनेक वर्ष लोटली. आयुष्यात ते दोघे आपापल्या इच्छित ठिकाणी अधिकउण्या फरकाने पोहोचलेत पण आयुष्याची बॅलन्स शीट मांडणाऱ्यांपैकी ते कधी न्हवतेच. दर रविवारी मिसळ आणि चीझ टोस्ट हाणल्याशिवाय त्यांचा वीकएंड पूर्ण होत नाही. यानंतर, दात पडलेत दोघांचेही तरीही, ताराबाई पार्कला गम्मत म्हणून लॅपा मारणं काही सोडलं नाहीये. त्याचे हात थरथरतात ब्रेक मारताना पण तिला मात्र पूर्ण कॉन्फिडन्स आहे. त्याच्या त्या पुस्तकाने त्याला काय दिलं ह्याचा हिशोब मांडण्याच्या फंदात तो कधी पडला नाही पण आज मात्र त्याची एक खात्री पटली होती. आपले काहीतरी घट्ट ऋणानुबंध असल्याशिवाय आयुष्य काय असं आपल्याला सप्पई गंडवायचं नाही आणि आशा वाण्ड लोकांचा उगीच लोभही नाही लावायचं!

- The Last Nomad

1 Oct 2018

Poem: Frames

Dark and bad, you see me through frames

Frames which make the world appear happy and sad

Frames of morals and frames of shame,

It may take a lifetime to realise the stupid game

Trying to live a correct life you will struggle and die,

Crooked, weird, and beautiful, are works of the same I

So, drop the frame,

Before you are framed

- The Last Nomad

21 Sep 2018

Entry for Tata Literature Live 2018 | MyStory Contest

This poem is my entry for Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest 2018.

If you like it, vote for me by following this link (http://wshe.es/HSIgBUlx) and pressing the green-coloured 'Vote' button.

adult, adventure, backpack


Death of the Ambitious Man

Head down he walks,
Burdened by his wants and thoughts.
Excludes himself from the chai shop talk,
As the toothless wrinkled shopkeeper offers him a Gold Flake.

His spirit seems crushed,
Like the crashed stock market,
As his mind greedily tries to grasp,
The next aim of his life.

Music seems too frivolous,
And poetry effeminate,
It's been ages since his eyes,
Nurtured pearls of joy.

Unable to mingle with old and young,
That evening he walks alone,
To his beloved home,
On the well-lit, clean and lonely street.
- The Last Nomad

Follow this link to vote for the poem: http://wshe.es/HSIgBUlx

- The Last Nomad

9 Aug 2018

Happy Book Lovers Day

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#bookloversday #august9 #thelastnomad

- The Last Nomad