27 Jul 2014

TatvaGyaan: Key to Success

There’s no single key to success.
When someone enters the door of success, everyone tries to use that key.

By then, the lock has changed.

9 Jul 2014

30 Jun 2014

TatvaGyaan: Take It or Make It

"No matter what we face,
there are only 2 choices: take it the way it is, make it the way you want. 

Cribbing, complaining and everything else are fillers."

-quote dedicated to Saina Nehwal's victory in Australian Open Super Series(2014)

22 Jun 2014

TatvaGyaan: Prejudice

"Look through blue glasses and everything appears blue. 
So is with prejudice"

13 Jun 2014

Grammar Gyan: Why Inspiration Fails?

Inspite of reading 100's of books on inspiration why do we feel we need more inspiration?

"We spend time adoring the adjectives(achievements) 
and ignoring the verbs(the action)!"

8 Jun 2014

The Last Pancake

Satish was a pancake seller. He was singled out by his fellow tradesmen in the alley as he kept to himself, the real reason being a disfigured face.

He had meager profits and ate 1 or 2 leftover pancakes as he lived alone. One day a family of street beggars went pass the stall. The children started wailing and throwing hunger tantrums.

“Give me pancakes for rupees 15” said the irritated mother. Satish counted the pancakes, only two were left. A single pancake was for rupees 15. He divided a pancake and gave it to the 2 children. The children vanished around the corner, after gulping down the pancakes, following the other members.

Now, a boy of 5 with a pockmarked face in tattered clothes, who apparently belonged to the recent visitors, came near the stall. He eyed the display counter with a hungry look. Satish as if having seen himself in a mirror gave him the last pancake with a mug of water.

6 Jun 2014

What's a Good Story?

"Good stories are natural. They become a part of you."

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3 Jun 2014

TatvaGyaan: Pickle Political

"Politics is 
of what is said and more
 of what isn't."

28 May 2014

TatvaGyaan: Living on the Edge

We are all searching for comfort,
knowing somewhere at the back of our mind { wherever it may be ;) }
that every moment we are living on the edge,

ps: the earth has infinite edges

TatvaGyaan expounds the philosophical view of ordinary life and facts

26 May 2014

The Throttle

The gulmohar trees on the road were blooming in the hot summer. Narayan was learning to drive a car.

He couldn't control the vehicle; not being able to decide when to let go the throttle. The moment he accelerated the car, in excitement, he had to restrain speed and the other way round.

The instructor said with an amused look, “What makes one a better driver is control over the throttle and not letting go, as is widely believed.”

Read here about the The Prophet of Modern India in Gautam Ghosh's
The Prophet of Modern India: A Biography of Swami Vivekananda

"His teachings continue to be relevant today, especially in the light of the prevailing intolerance and fanaticism in the country, and the increasing turmoil in the world"