14 Dec 2014

The 11th Floor

“11th Floor”, she said with a slight blush as he pressed the button.
Their eyes met in the 30 seconds up to the 8th floor, everyday.

She seemed to collect herself together. The empty elevator smelt of Le Bleu de Chanel.

“8th floor”, said the elevator. His phone rang, “Love in an elevator” and he turned it off.

19 Oct 2014

You are a Mayfly

Have you read about or seen mayflies?
They live in a population which matures at once from eggs. 
[image courtesy: nationalgeographic.com]

And then ...
... for a day or two they are everywhere,
dancing around each other in large groups. They rest on every surface available to them.

Life for them is intense Imagine doing all you want in a day.
We all are mayflies.

But as Gautama put it, "You think you have time."

7 Oct 2014

The Flower Man (Tata Literature Live!)

Here's my entry for the Tata Literature Live festival(2014).
Hope you like it.
Share your comments and vote for me here... http://bit.ly/1xi3I7x

The Flower-Man

We went to a garden, 
my mamma and me

I saw a flower, 
a flower never seen

A flower that was glad,
and a flower that was sad

A flower so colourful,
yet a flower so dark

A flower so sweet,
a flower that had the spark!

So I asked my mamma,
about this flower in bliss

We sat on the grass,
as she said all this

This flower doesn’t cry,
this flower doesn’t dream

When we break it or we shake it 
or we kick it or we smell it

This flower never dries, 
and this flower never screams!

And all about the flower, 
is that it just is!

And the rest is 
your dream, boy!

As mamma started walking 
and I followed her about

‘What did you say mamma? ’ 
said I gripped by doubt

The last thing I saw,
was my mamma bent lower

As I came closer,
she became the flower

There was no mamma,
nor any flower

Coz four years ago,
my mamma was gone!

As was the flower,
never seen from the next dawn

Now when I walk,
in the garden again

I ask everyone,
have you seen the flower?

They give me a look,
as if I’m insane

And call me,
the Flower-man

5 Oct 2014

chota moo, BADI baat: What about NOW?

"Agreed that you may have missed many opportunities till now …
… what about the opportunity called NOW?"

21 Sep 2014

chota moo, BADI baat: Make it Lively

"Be sensitive to everything happening around and life becomes lively"

(image courtesy: Prasad Sawant)

15 Sep 2014


He had never felt like this before.  He was at peace with the honking horns, crying beggars, crazy shouting street urchins. He was cool with the public transport buses spraying him with the black talcum powder.

With the sweat dripping off his brow in this humid September, he looked into the rear mirror, only to meet her eyes.
…could feel his every breath going in and out
…as if he was deaf to the din around him.

Was this the moment he had been waiting for all this time?
Should he say it?

What matter are moments like this.

...moments of realization.

8 Sep 2014

Why have you changed so much?

Ben was hearing this for the umpteenth time.
This time it was his old friend.

Feeling that it wasn't the same Ben she knew, Shelly was disappointed after meeting him.

“What made you think I would stay the same? Even you have changed, everyone does,  it’s just that you don’t realise it" remarked Ben as Shelly walked away.

10 Aug 2014

The New Recruit

"Do we perform best is worst situations?"

It was his first day onboard LISA, fondly called so by the ship’s captain.

Being eyed by everyone around, he was the new recruit. 
Always having faced favourable situations and proud of his achievements, he never failed in anything he did.

The captain walked towards him.
“Ever faced a storm onboard?”
“Gear up, boy. Today, we are expecting one.”

3 Aug 2014

Tatva Gyaan: A Friend For Life

"The best way to make a friend is to tickle the child in a person"