1 Oct 2019

The Last Nomad: Book release at Jaipur Art Summit 2019

"Not all things experienced can be understood. Not all things understood can be expressed."

A couple of years back when I started writing this story, there was no specific goal in view. The joy of writing was strong enough to keep one at the desk. But the day I finished it, I wanted to be done with publishing it and move on to the other stories lingering in my mind. I was too patient to approach traditional publishing houses and wait for years to be finally published (probably with a manuscript that didn't look like mine anymore!). Self-publishing was the way out.

Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP), Pothi.com and local book printers helped me deliver The Last Nomad to its readers. With no intention of competing with the established distributors and marketers, I witnessed the book choose its readers, one by one.

Relying on the online release and word of mouth, who had the faintest idea that a single story would take me on this journey?

I humbly invite you to the release of my novella, The Last Nomad, at the Metro Edition of Jaipur Art Summit 2019 on 3rd October. See the schedule below for details.

Thanks to Saumya Sharma for connecting me with Shri. Shailendra Bhatt, who patiently answered my questions. The individuals who have made this possible are countless to be named here. A big thanks to all my friends for being a part of this journey.

Without Amazon KDP, Pothi.com, Akshardhara Book Gallery (Pune), Pagdandi Book Cafe (Pune), and Shabd Book Gallery (Mumbai), Waari Book Cafe (Pune), and Bookworm (Bengaluru) this would not have been possible!

See you at the book release and interaction.

The Bombay Art Society
Opp. Rangsharda, KC Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400050
Time: 3 pm to 4 pm

How to get here
Bandra Reclamation and Lilavati Hospital are the major landmarks in the area. The Gallery is located 5 mins walk from Lilavati Hospital towards Bandra Reclamation.

Get your Kindle/Paperback copy today! Don't forget to add The Last Nomad to your Goodreads shelf.

- The Last Nomad

20 Sep 2019

Guest post: Two poems by Vulnerable Veil

1. A broken heart

I know you have held me tight from the moment I needed the most
But I shall crash if you take those hands off

There is a hole in my heart which is filled by your love
If you take it out then I may not survive

How lucky I feel to have you in my life
But a fear keeps haunting me that we may fall apart

No reasons I shall have to continue this life
And I may just give up if you walk away from me

A depressing poem that pours its heart out
Of maybe every one that I know around

2. Stronger for the world

I know you are watching so I put a face on and pretend like nothing is wrong
As I need to look stronger for all

My eyes are swollen from the nights that I have cried but I pretend to be sleep deprived
As I need to look stronger for all

My words have deep sorrow but I pretend to not mean it at all
As I need to look stronger for all

When you see me lost, I pretend to be thinking
As I need to look stronger for all

No matter how hard you try, you might not catch me pretending at all
As I look stronger for all

- Vulnerable Veil

15 Sep 2019

Guest post: Two stories by Shamitha Vokkaliga

Missing days

A roar in the jungle made Devika miss a beat. She looked around and took a step forward cautiously. "Not today God! Please don't let me die today."

She moved ahead, looking around for something. After some hours of walking, she reached a small village. Still in search of something, her eyes looked sleep deprived. Villagers notice and ask her, "Are you lost?" She replies, with her eyes wandering around, "I am trying to find my happy days. I  lost them when I was busy making money. It was somewhere in this place I was with my family the last time I was happy."

The villagers get scared of her strange story. Assuming that she shall harm them, they throw stones at her. Devika runs for her life as she doesn't want to die today, tomorrow, or till she finds back her happy days.

A Rainy Day

A familiar fragrance surrounds Sneha's home. She doesn't want to get up from her bed and go to school but a sudden thundering awakes her.

She gets up in a jerk and rushes towards the door, yelling, "Yay! Rains are here." Her mom quickly holds her in her arms and says, "No playing in the rain. I don't want you to fall sick." Disappointed, Sneha got back to her every morning routine. She put on her raincoat and boarded the school bus.

Peeping through the window, as she was watching the rain make the surrounding beautiful and green, she saw a girl running around barefoot, getting drenched in the rain. How lucky is she, gets to play all day in the rain, she thinks to herself as she is unable to take her eyes off the girl, who is waiting for the bus to pass so as to cross the road.

The girl, totally drenched, looks at the bus and thinks to herself, wish I could be in the bus and go to school one day.

- The Last Nomad

5 Sep 2019

Poem: There was a time

There was a time
When you sought true questions
Not the right answers
As you do now

There was a time
When your feet kissed untamed grass
Not the glazing tiles
As they do now

There was a time
When we talked to each other
Not through this intelligent sand
As we do now

There was a time
When the words you are reading
Were not just a poem
As it is now

- The Last Nomad

7 Jul 2019

Poem: Clouds of compassion

Poem: Clouds of compassion

No one has time to look at the sky
To dance in the rain
Kiss the moon a good night

'More' is the word
The hearts cry aloud
Drop it and your world's gonna be alright

All are plugged-in
Web-drunk day and night
When dreams and crops burn ever so bright

It's not gonna rain
Said the crying sky
Clouds of compassion just passed by

Listen to the poem

- The Last Nomad

6 Jul 2019

When I have time by The Last Nomad

Clutter and chaos. Sounds synonymous with modern? Here's a journey about unwinding from the popular and ambitious in my new story, When I have time.

Read on Instamojo: bit.ly/WhenIhavetime. Download for free or pay what you want.

Don't forget to rate and review on Goodreads: bit.ly/goodreads_wiht

- The Last Nomad

21 Jun 2019

Powai Lake Petition reaches 120+ | United our will can work like magic

This very minute as you are reading the post, the petition is silently spreading across Mumbai and beyond, through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, emails, SMSes and word of mouth. What began with a  single sign has 120+ supporters!

How did it begin?
It was an inspiring volunteering experience on 5 June 2019, World Environment Day organised by Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan (NSS) and Abhyuday, IIT Bombay.

How can you make a difference?
Powai Lake wouldn't have been a great promenade sans its amazing bio-diversity. There are more than 50 species of birds spotted (Source: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S41024813). The Indian Marsh Crocodile, a highly endangered species, which is a schedule-I species under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, have made Powai lake their natural habitat for many decades. (Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/mumbai-news/mumbai-s-powai-lake-is-dying-becoming-toxic-for-its-fish/story-2GlxTkjchN9XBwL3VJ2tCJ.html). According to the Maharashtra State Angling Association (MSAA), there are 40 crocodiles in the lake. (source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/mumbai-news/bmc-digs-trench-at-powai-lake-to-stop-crocodiles-from-walking-out/story-ReOzo1FRguI2js7I72W7TL.html).

However, if we don't act now, Mumbai will quickly lose a green destination. There are more people around you who can make a difference. Sign and share the petition with at least 5 such friends: http://bit.ly/CleanMumbaiCampaign. Request them to continue the chain. United, our will can truly work like magic.

Read more about my volunteering experience in this post: http://bit.ly/WED_5June.

- The Last Nomad

10 Jun 2019

The Art of Forgetting

If you like to read books and grow fond of them, you can probably understand how tough it is to part with them. And fate doesn't spare you from the necessary evil of sorting and cleaning the book stock you painstakingly (of course carelessly) built.

Around 4-5 years ago, I had bought a story book, 33 Stories by Tagore, from the hidden treasures of a second-hand book mart. Not quite impressed by the translation, which seemed quite literal back then, I wondered why I still had the book. The reason was probaby the label, Tagore.

Inside this (disliked) book was a leaf of ficus religiosa (sacred fig or peepal tree) which I had kept to be transformed into a completely translucent one.

The leaf looked so beautiful that I couldn't stop gazing. With all its delicate and tiny network of veins visible, another meaning of the word intricate was revealed in that moment. What made it so attractive? Was it those empty cells or the veins themselves? What gives meaning, purpose and beauty to life? Is the events or the endless span of silence between them?

Sometimes it is good to forget things you started, as by not messing you give them a chance to meet you when you are ready. And then when they arrive back, they gift you an entirely new perspective to perceive life with clarity.

- The Last Nomad