23 Mar 2018

Story: Elephant and a tiny blade of grass

A cute little elephant lived alone in a vast and dense forest. Separated from his family due to some reason, he enjoyed being solitary. Having the entire expanse to himself, he thoroughly explored every bit of the land.

His day started with eating the fresh, juicy bananas and stalks of sugarcane after which he played in the pond till noon.

Days passed by and the cute elephant was no longer cute. He started enjoying uprooting small trees and grass to make a flat land for his fanciful play of kicking fallen coconuts. A tiny blade of grass, swaying in the wind, was watching in silence.

On the morning after the next, the wind was blowing hard. The elephant, excited by this sudden change in the weather was on his way to make splashes in the pond. A huge tree, which the elephant had failed to uproot on the previous evening, came straight down onto him and he succumbed. The blade of grass was watching in silence.

- The Last Nomad

10 Feb 2018

Poem: Down The Spiral of Time

As your great night approaches,
I pray, O Shiva,
Let me be her companion,
Through any darkest night of our life.

Hailed as the King of night,
The sun and moon are illumined by your eyes.
Give us vision, O illumined one,
To see your magnificent formless form.

Some day, as our time approches,
And we crawl into infinity,
Let me be her Shakti,
And she, Shiva.

- The Last Nomad

6 Feb 2018

Poem: Walk The Path

When you realise your ignorance
Walk the path

As you stumble while learning
Walk the path

You'll be ridiculed and praised
Walk the path

Don't believe your ego
Walk the path

All it takes is clarity
Walk the path

- The Last Nomad

26 Jan 2018

The Last Nomad reviewed in Lokprabha

So, I have broken my promise to stay away from FB to thank #Lokprabha magazine (Indian Express Group) for reviewing The Last Nomad.

It's a big surprise for me as well. You can read it in 26th January issue.
Here's a snap for curious readers. 


- The Last Nomad

22 Oct 2017

Latest Review | The Last Nomad

Here's the latest review of The Last Nomad by Dalvi Namita​ and Shobha Dravid!

Glad you enjoyed the book. With this the book now achieves a Goodreads rating of 4.71. :-)

"The Last Nomad, book is indeed very engaging ...storyline has all emotions from love to respect... mainly highlighting a woman’s role in everyone’s life and also respect that she deserves to be given....A must read book..."
-Namita Dalvi

"Heramb, your book, is enthralling, to put it mildly. It runs the whole gamut of experiences, from the mundane to the mystical. Rahul's childhood experiences are so true to what's happening in poor people's lives, and as Ryan, his poetry and his spiritual glimpses are what I identified with."
‐Shobha Dravid

Get your copies today!
Paperback: Call/text on +91 9594 545351
 #bookreviews #Goodreads

- The Last Nomad

18 Oct 2017

Poem: Arrival

The feeling of arrival is but a fleeting one
Till the time it sinks in deep, it's time to return
Look around, my friend
They are all travellers like you
Happily believing they'll be at their destination
The feeling of arrival is fleeting, my friend
One day, all travellers must return home

-  The Last Nomad

17 Oct 2017

The Namesake | You Haven't Heard The Best Tales

As I was watching Mira Nair's The Namesake (2006) this weekend, there was one particular scene which struck me and is haunting me since then. I'll tell you why but before that, here's the scene.

It's where young Gogol and his father, Ashoke (Irrfan Khan), are on the stone walk at the Cape Cod beach and Ashima (Tabu) is watching them from a distance, standing near the car with her young daughter.

She says, "Don't go so far that I cannot see you! He is too little."

When Ashoke reaches near the end of the stone walk with Gogol, he's disappointed after realizing that he has forgotten the camera in the car. He says something like, "We forgot the camera. Now you will have to remember that we came here."

"How long do I have to remember?" asks Gogol.

"We will have to remember it, then." He tells Gogol, "Try to remember it always... remember that you and I made this journey, that we went together to a place where there was nowhere left to go."

So, on the last day of my trip, 6000+ miles away from home, as I am walking down the street which was cloudy until now suddenly I see spring arrive in its true sense. The street and trees which were all grey and dry are suddenly blooming and the sky is shining deep blue with sparse clouds.

I, the shutterbug, don't have a camera with me and the mobile phone is unable to capture the scale of the scene.

And then this dialogue from The Namesake starts in my head. Yes, it's true, the deep beautiful experiences we have will always go unrecorded.

We will have to remember them always, like Gogol.

The best tales haven't been told yet. They are the ones we all must live.

- The Last Nomad

3 Oct 2017

Poem: You are an Old Tree

You are but an old true
With roots gone deep and far
Breathing through every pore
Giving this earth fresh air

Don't deny it and be unfair
For hundeds of your sons and daughter
Are living on your arms in despair
But you assume you are a stupid human

Humans who drive axes on their own feet
No matter many a times you speak
Their mistakes they repeat
You'll come down to the ground if you pay no heed

Why do you horde so many fruits
And breathe heavy under their burden?
When you could give them all
And see your children dance with joy

But you'll succumb to your wants
As that's every miser's fate
Before you go at least once listen
You are but an old tree

- The Last Nomad