19 May 2015

The Broken Mirror

Ibrahim lived in the city of mirrors, Shahar-e-Aaina. Famous for catering to the taste and whims of the princely of seeing their own image and adoring it every day, the city of mirrors as goes its name, was a large marketplace of mirrors.

But truth is always stranger than fiction. Beyond just the mirrors, in the realm of magic lay the special mirrors, which only the chosen ones could create.

Ibrahim was one such craftsman.

After having created mirrors which always showed the good image, which everyone desired, no matter how nasty they behaved in reality.

Caught in his trap for the past 40 years, Ibrahim was lost every day in looking at his good image day and night and added disharmony in his family. His love, Abeeda, was with him yet alone for these 40 years. Not that they wouldn’t talk or something. Every day, Ibrahim would ask her what she wished to buy. But that was not she had married Ibrahim for.

In this business of mirrors and money, she had lost the Ibrahim she met in the market, 40 years ago, the Ibrahim who never looked into a mirror to see his image.

She knew it was a disaster. But this had to be done.

That night Ibrahim could hear all the mirrors in his workshop crash and Abeeda could see her Ibrahim once again, released from the prison of mirrors.

19 Apr 2015

The Day I met Myself

It was as if I was scattered before
With each moment dragging me behind in the sands of time

Trying to find myself in those faltering steps
I was losing my sanity in the wishes of mind

The day we met
I am sure I found something

I want to lose myself in those eyes
Only to find who I truly am

Listen to Tu Mera Dil

5 Apr 2015

The Street Corner

The way he thought of things around him, made everyone believe he was out of his mind.

He was in love with life. Every moment lost in his ecstasy. They called him a fakir or the man who had left everything behind.

But he was among the few who had found what each one of us is searching for all our life – the meaning of life.

With nothing around him, and those around hurrying, struggling and fighting for silly things, he sat on the street corner watching each new timeless moment passing by.

22 Mar 2015

The Lost Slippers

It was only from the last few days this had started happening.

He was a famous dentist. Raised in an orphanage, today he had everything one could imagine.
But his friends couldn't figure out, why sometimes their footwear would disappear as they came out of his house after an exhaustive chat.
Then they would have to stay a bit longer, until his servant bought them new pair of slippers.

Some thought it was the neighbour’s kid; others thought it was his dog.

That night, he thought…
25 years ago, when he was dropped into the orphanage, may be his parents would not have left him if someone would have hidden their slippers.

listen to Temple of Thought by POTF

8 Mar 2015


YOU poured all your life into raising a little infant
as if a part of your soul

later he went searching for another woman
like searching for a lost part of his heart

Only if he knew a woman can be only found
in her heart, not in the body, he would truly begin to know YOU

Happy Women's Day!

Listen to [Bryan Adams] - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman 

1 Feb 2015

Your Story

Here are the stories shared by our readers after reading What's Your Story

Story #1
Oh yes I did read that People, Not things. I agree with it. True story in my case. More than things I had shut myself in my own world. But now I have realised the importance of connecting to people. The more I connect to others the more I connect to myself too.

Story #2
Well my story is...I don't know. But I keep thinking about the universe,why are we on dis earth and all.
And about aliens :D And I do believe in fairy tales and magic.
I believe everyone has a special power, we need to identify it.

What's your story?

We all like to believe in things we "like". It begins as children when we start believing and seeing fairies, angels and superheros.

As teens we believed in everything we badly desired
Our every belief is a unique story.

What's your story?
What did you spend all your time thinking about?

I want to meet you through your story.

Share your story on connectinsight@gmail.com.
Life's short. Make it sweet with a story.

P.S: All these stories will be posted anonymously. 

Meet the enhanting storyteller Sarah Kay at TEDxEast
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31 Jan 2015

People, not things

Adrien was enjoying a high profile life as an investment banker. He had everything he dreamt of: a chateau, a yacht and his dream car – the Lamborghini.
But that day his housemaid found him unnaturally quiet.
“What is it monsieur?” she asked.

“I have been wrong Aimee. It is people I should have connected, not things I collected.”
- heramb

Enjoy this weekend with Can You Hear Me by Poets of the Fall 
Lyrics: here

26 Jan 2015

Things We Love

This was the 1st girl he had fallen in love with. In these 28 years.
Yes, the 1st.

"You fool, then why don't you speak to her? Go and tell her." asked his friend.
"We shouldn't hold everything we love. Some are fragile. Just let'em be." he said.

Listen to: Cradled in Love by PoetsofTheFall

28 Dec 2014

Two Poems

Here are two poems beautifully keyed-in by my little brother, Upkar.
Hope you enjoy these :)


I may not be fun
But I tell you, Iam as Iam !
Although you may care none

A teen I am, young at heart
Curious, talented and smart
But not in your eyes

Coz I don't fit into your notions
Of being expensive and cheap
I live in my own world
One of dignity and virtue deep
But not in your eyes

In your eyes
I am a very stupid one
Coz by hook or by crook
You know to get your things done
But I do not

I remain standing
Bolted to the ground
My virtuousness and integrity bind me there
This is what I have found

But I want to remind you
That if you ever feel sick
Of the phoney muck
You have gathered around

Worry not, you will find me
At the same place
Because I am standing there itself
Bolted to the ground


I pray...
On this Christmas day I pray
For a world
With a little less work and a little more play

For a world
With a little more smiles and a little less frowns
With lesser metros and more towns

For a world
With a little less indifference and a little more compassion
Lesser cruelty and greater consideration

For a world
With a little less suspicion and a little more trust
Lesser deceit and actions just

For a world
With a little less vanity and a little more modesty
Greater responsibility and lesser frivolity

For a world
With a little less brain and a little more heart
Lesser of science and more of art

For a world
With a little less disparity and a little more equality
Lesser of gluttony and more of charity

For a world
With a little less darkness and a little more light
And a conscience to guide us
To do what is right.

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 "If I waited till I felt like writing, I'd never write at all"
- Anne Tyler