22 Oct 2016

'The True Story I Met' Contest - Win a copy of The Last Nomad!

'The True Story I Met' Contest - Win a copy of The Last Nomad!

Stories born are of two kinds:
The nice and happy ones - which we all dream of living one day, those ending with achieving love, success and happiness.
While the later ones shake us out of our dreams, fantasies and place us in the middle of here and now – the true ones. They show us the way back to our core.
The Last Nomad will lead you into the world of your true story. Have you ever met such a story - be it in books or movies?

Write about a story which gave you a taste of the world around in 'The True Story I Met' and post it on http://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia

The top two entries with highest number of votes will win copies of 'The Last Nomad'.

The last date to submit your entries ends on 30th October. The entries will be live for the voting phase from 31st October to 5th November.

The world is waiting to read the true story you met!


  • Contest is open for all Indian resident citizens.
  • Age no bar.
  • Word Limit: 500 words.
  • You can also include a link to the movie/novel/story you are writing about.
  • Your post must begin/conclude with the following text:“The Last Nomad by Heramb Sukhathankar is an invitation to meet your true story. Find more about it on: https://youtu.be/m5NoCGgHM7I
  • The winners will be declared on 6th November on http://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia

Suggestions & queries? Share them in a comment below or write at connectinsight@gmail.com

- हेरंब

18 Oct 2016

The Last Nomad | How the story began

We never know which incident might trigger a story, poetry or any creative work.

Here's how the story for The Last Nomad began...
"The story started taking root 9 years ago in the form of a short story, which was published on Pothi.com.

The trigger for another story was born a year and half ago on the streets of Mumbai’s blazing summer. It was published on www.insightstories.in as a series- The Story of Ryan.

Coincidentally, there seemed a common thread between these two stories which became The Last Nomad."

Does this remind you one of how one of your stories/poems/blog posts was written? What triggers and drives your work? Share with me in a comment below or write to me at connectinsight@gmail.com

This was the first in a series of what The Last Nomad is all about. To receive more of such interesting stories follow The Last Nomad on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia

Did you miss out Behind The Story video? Watch it here on Youtube and don't forget to share.

- हेरंब

13 Oct 2016

Interview at Partridge India | The Last Nomad

Now, this may seem like narcissism, and I must plead guilty. But this post is nothing more than a note of gratitude to you all. I'm really overwhelmed seeing the response to The Last Nomad.

Feels glad to share my interview at Partridge India with you. Click here to read.

Seeing the several message from my readers all I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Waiting to hear your thoughts on The Last Nomad.

To know more about The Last Nomad, follow the links below:

Available on:
Paperback Edition http://amzn.to/2dtVRBt
Kindle Edition: http://amzn.to/2dIgyJ5

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2ddh7vT

Achara Times Article (newspaper article): http://bit.ly/2dcVXhK

Save it on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2dxn19u

- हेरंब

9 Oct 2016

The Last Nomad | Behind the Story

Thrilled to see the amazing response within 2 weeks! Thank you readers.
Here's a quick look into The Last Nomad.

How are stories born and why are they born?

Are all stories meant to be happy stories?

Have you met a story which robbed you of everything you imagined yourself to be?

Here's an invitation to meet yourself... to find your true story.
Presenting my novella, The Last Nomad.

- हेरंब