15 Sep 2017

...and the Journey is Becoming Beautiful Every Day!

...and the Journey is Becoming Beautiful Every Day!

Here's another excerpt from The Last Nomad
It turned out to be the first night he spent with a girl.
‘What do you want me to play?’ asked Rebecca, opening the violin case.

Being a street musician, she was used to a variety of responses from the passersby: catcalls, claps, and nasty suggestive looks. But she was surprised by Ryan’s strange demand: he wanted her to play solely for him all through the night. And her first thought while secretly hiding the pepper spray under the pillow was, he must either be a psychopath or a heartbroken lover.

‘Sometimes, I get unwelcome touches while being engrossed in playing. But I know, these men are more scared and broken than me,’ she said, talking about her daily life.

‘Crazy thoughts don’t allow me to play. Why don’t these men come up and frankly say things to me? At least I will have company for the night,’ she added.

It's been 2 years since the book was published and the journey is becoming beautiful every day.

To receive your copy, get in touch on +91 9594 5453 51.

- The Last Nomad

4 Sep 2017

Reading at Katha Kathan's Open Mic

Nothing could have made this weekend more special than discovering Jameel Gulrays sir's Katha Kathan.

After having planned for several months to attend at least one of their events, I finally happened to be at their Baithak on Teacher.

Katha Kathan is an initiative by Jameel Gulrays sir and his team to revive the Indian language literature.

Here's the poem I read along with the translation.

तूच तुझा गुरू हो

कोण शिष्य कोण गुरू
आभासाच्या बाजारी मांडलेले
तू आणि मी, मातीची फक्त बोलके घट
घडवणारा, विकणारा आणि विकत घेणारा एकच
सर्वत्र तूच आहेस हे जाण आणि तूच तुझा गुरू हो

पण त्या आधी
या बाजारात वावरताना थोडा सावध हो
जी रिकामी मडकी शेंदूर फासून देव झालीयेत
ती फुटून जाऊ देत स्वतःच, पोकळ असण्याच्या जाणिवेने
मग उरेल फक्त माती आणि ती पुन्हा एकच सत्य सांगेल
सर्वत्र तूच आहेस हे जाण आणि तूच तुझा गुरू हो

पण अखंडाच्या जाणिवेत विरघळण्याधी जरा थांब
त्या फुटलेल्या घटातून ध्वनित होणारा नाद नीट ऐक
त्या नादातही तुझ्याच असण्याचं गाणं आहे
तुला सतत पडणाऱ्या सुखाच्या भुकेच्या प्रश्नांना उत्तराची गरजच काय?
हे प्रश्न तुझ्या त्याच विस्मरणातून निर्माण होतायत
सर्वत्र तू आणि फक्त तूच आहेस हे जाण आणि तूच तुझा गुरू हो

मला वाटलंच होतं, तू अजून इथेच रेंगाळणार
पण पुन्हा नवीन घट होण्याची आस कशाला?
आणि माती होण्याची भीतीही का?
तुला एक क्षणही नासण्याचं पुसटसं स्मरण तरी आहे का?
तू आणि फक्त तूच आहेस, हे आता तरी जाण आणि तूच तुझा गुरू हो


Be your own teacher

Who can tell the difference between a student and a teacher?
Arranged in the market of illusion
You and me, are speaking pots of clay
The maker, seller, and buyer are the same
Realise that you are everywhere and be your own guru

But wait
Be careful when treading the streets of this market
Let the empty pots, coloured in vermilion, which have become gods
Break after realising their own emptiness
And all that will be left is the soil, speaking the only truth
Realise that you are everywhere and be your own guru

Wait a moment before dissolving in the realisation of the unbound
Listen carefully to the sound coming from the broken pots
In that sound is the song of your being
What is the need to find solutions to the questions of hunger for happiness, that hound you all the time?
These questions are born from your same forgetfulness
Realise that you are everywhere and be your own guru

I was certain, that you'll still be loitering here
Why the desire to become a new pot?
And why dread of becoming the soil?
Do you even have a faint memory of non-existence?
It's time you realise that it's only you who are everywhere and be your own guru

- The Last Nomad