18 Jul 2018

When your work makes them happy

Even a gloomy day looks bright and sunny when your work makes someone smile. :)

Thank you Jagruti and Pooja for choosing to read The Last Nomad.

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- The Last Nomad

9 Jul 2018

The Last Nomad reviewed by Samvedna Singh

"Do the chapters of destiny unfolds differently, acting on a sincere advice of the name you carry?
Or everything that comes our way has been religiously inked, revealing only the part that’s for us to comprehend presently, knowing that it will be holding ground in the journey of life? The author has done enough justice in answering it, with his distinctive story line detailing every aspect he has touched."
- Samvedna Singh on The Last Nomad

To read the complete review, follow this link.

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- The Last Nomad

4 Jul 2018

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Hi there!

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- The Last Nomad