27 Jan 2014

Fact and Fiction: Farm and the farmHouse

"We live in an age
 where we have 
than farms and farmers"

pure Fact:

Farmhouse - a house attached to a farm, especially the main house in which the farmer lives

25 Jan 2014


Few days ago,
when Ivan went to a trek, he came to know about an incident which was narrated to him by a local.

A group of college friends had come to the same place for a one day trek. Everyone was eager to see the view from the mountain top.

All the students started walking quickly to reach the top except one. Soon, the other students went ahead of this boy. He was walking merrily at his own pace. After some time everyone reached the top. Some locals who were present there asked whether they had seen the valley of flowers. One of the boys replied, “There was no such valley on our way. What are you talking about?” The boy who arrived later said that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced.

22 Jan 2014

The Field and the Dictionary

Rahul had a problem.

He had a problem and he knew the solution for it.

But the solution wasn't working.

He talked to his father about it.
He replied, "All problems we have known and will face can be formed from the dictionary.
All solutions we will ever need can be framed from the dictionary.
But reading a dictionary doesn't work. The solution you know is a sentence you have read somewhere.
It is work in the field which yields crop and not sitting in the farmhouse."

21 Jan 2014

And they said, “YOU CAN’T DO IT”

You started walking one step at a time. At some odd moment you were fed with the idea of perfection and heaven crashed.

All the joy sank.

Look at the way children plant plants. And look at some 'expert' doing it.
The ‘idea’ of perfection is killing whatever we do, leaving behind a dry orange for you to eat.
Any moment anyone tells you “You can’t do it”, play it. Play with it. 

17 Jan 2014

Insight Quotes: WHAT IS nEW

What is new?
Every Moment

But we 
think it is 
like the one previous

16 Jan 2014


There comes a time when nothing makes sense, nothing whatsoever. Everyone seems talking rubbish.

Mihir was in such trouble today. He couldn’t stand the sight of anyone. He couldn’t listen to anyone.

He talked to his friend.

The friend laughed and said, “Everyone around is trying to make their OWN sense out of everyday things. Which is the way THEY want things to be, rather than the way THINGS should be. You are doing the same. So, your sense is head-on with everybody else’s. When you don’t try to make YOUR own sense, everything will fall in place.”

12 Jan 2014

Insight Quotes: on Words

"Trying to
explain everything through
words is

10 Jan 2014

Right Question, Wrong Answer. Wrong Question, Right Answer

Our ability to ask the Right Question will make a difference. Some may say, "There is no such thing as a wrong question!" Well, let’s find out.

Jimmy was caught in the habit of asking 'how' for everything he came across. He had been told, "You should keep on enquiring" and he took it literally. “Well, what harm can questions do?” he thought.
Jammy, his elder brother, decided to teach him a lesson.

That day Jammy brought Jimmy to the sea shore at noon. It was a hot summer day. Jammy was being battered by endless questions. Within a few minutes Jimmy started feeling parched. Jammy noticed this and ignored him.

The flow of questions slowed down. After some time Jimmy could not bear his thirst.
He ran to the shack nearby and quenched his thirst with little water he found there.

Jammy noticed some change in him. “It seems you have stumbled upon something. Asking a question which doesn’t matter is like carrying lot of water when there is fresh water around. After some time the load of stored water becomes unbearable, it becomes stale and can’t quench your thirst. Finally, you have to throw it away.”

So what is a right question? Right Question is a properly framed want. Otherwise we can keep on enquiring…

5 Jan 2014

Insight Quotes: Perfection

"Beginning with

the idea of perfection
is a
sure way to incomplete


The Role of Relation in Anything and Everything

Maurice was completing a drawing exercise at his desk. He had joined art class last semester.

Considering the short span his progress was remarkable.
He was facing a strange situation today. He went to talk to his dad about it.

Maurice: I can draw eyes, nose, lips, hairs, ears pretty well. But somehow the face doesn't seem as one. It looks patchy. I don’t know why. I have wasted several sheets over this. I can’t figure out a way.

Dad: It is simple. Do you want to hear the secret?

Maurice: I’m desperate for it!

Dad: You are drawing the parts perfectly. There’s nothing wrong in perfection. But you are drawing them perfect independent of one another. They have to be in relation with one another if the face needs to look good.