14 Jul 2017

The Last Nomad | Now Available in Pune

If you are in Pune, you can get your copy of The Last Nomad at Akshardhara Book Gallery.

Visit any of the galleries below (highly recommended because the gallery is a treasure house!):

Gallery 1:
1302 Sanas Plaza, Bajirao Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

Gallery 2:
Dahanukar Colony Branch, Rajhans | Akshardhara Book Gallery, Indranagari, Dahanukar Colony, Near Commins Company, Kothrud, Pune - 411038


Order online: https://goo.gl/tYvcw3

Thanks to team Akshardhara (esp. Prasad Rathiwdekar)!

#Punekars #TheLastNomad

- The Last Nomad

12 Jul 2017

All I See is The Field

Once upon a time, believing for now that time exists, there was a rich farmer named Don. And as desired by providence, there lived an equally rich farmer, James, as his neighbour.

But James was facing a problem: being rich enough he couldn’t find the motivation to work whereas Don was at his field every morning without fail.

Seeing this sight everyday and growing evermore restless, James decided to find out the secret from Don.

That evening, James landed at Don’s door unannounced. “That is not my achievement,” said Don laughing, making James even more confused.

“Every morning as I wake up, I don’t seem to remember that I am rich. All I see is the field waiting for me,” he simply said offering him some tea and James found himself at peace.

The next morning, James woke up with a strange kind of joy. But now he found himself in an even bigger problem: forget Don, the field and his riches, now he couldn't figure out why he was delighted when he woke up.

Apologies for posting after quite some time. Hope you enjoyed reading this tale. In the meanwhile, here's what I was busy doing: micro-blogging on YourQuote app.

Click here to view the stream.

- The Last Nomad

1 Jun 2017

An Encounter with Death

A brave king, constantly thinking of the forthcoming battle, was seeing repeated visions of his death. Haunted thus for days on end, one night he started running across the street, deep into the night. The guards unable to report this to the prime minister, as per the king's orders, found themselves in a fix.
Breathing heavily and quickening his dying pace, the king reached onto the road which led towards one end of the coastal kingdom.

As the deafening sound of the waves below crushed his little left strength, the king went down on his feeble knees close to the cliff edge. Death now took the appearance of the dark sea, swinging its numerous arms back and forth.

'Why are you following me?' asked the king unable to open his eyes, hearing only the sound of his own breath.

'Am I dead?' he cried.

'If you think so,' answered a giggling voice.

The waves kept crashing without a moment's break at the cliff base.

'Where are you?' screamed the king, gathering strength out of nowhere.

'In your mind,' said a dying voice.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

21 May 2017

The Last Nomad | Gift Wrapped For You

From quite some time I was trying to figure out interesting ways of packing the copies of my novella, The Last Nomad, for readers who are ordering copies from me. One idea was particularly fascinating: wraps made out of reused material.

Here are the first four designs in the series of hand-wrapped gift packs.

If you would like to order a copy or gift it to someone special:

  • PM on facebook.com/thelastnomadindia  
  • or Write to me on connectinsight@gmail.com 
  • or WhatsApp on + 91 9594545351

Don't forget to mention:
Your name:
Contact number:
Design: Fly High/Dil Se/Stellar/Maple
Delivery Address:
Recipient's Name(only if this is gift):

For all direct orders, the book is available at a special price of ₹ 250 (delivery charges extra).

If you have missed this, here's what readers say about The Last Nomad.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

6 May 2017

कथा छोट्या दोस्तांसाठी | गंपू आणि आजीची टॉफी

आपला छोटा, निरागस गंपू आता काही लहान राहिला न्हवता. इयत्ता चौथीत गेल्यापासून त्याला मोठं झाल्यासारखं वाटू लागल होत. पूर्वी कंटाळत केस विंचरून घेणारा गंपू आता स्वतःहून आरशासमोर उभा राहून नीट भांग पाडू लागल होता. आतल्या खोलीतून हे दृश्य रोज पाहून आजीला गम्मत वाटत असे.
तितकाच चुणचुणीत पण उगीचच मोठ्या मुलांसारखं वागणारा, क्रिकेट कमी आणि बुद्धीबळ अधिक खेळायला लागलेला, अन्या आणि निन्या या त्याच्या मित्रांबरोबर बोलणं कमी झालेला, गंपू बराच बदलला होता. आता त्याच्या गालालाही कोणी हात लावलेला त्याला चालत नसे. मुळात त्याला गंपू म्हटलेलंहि आता आवडत नसे. त्याचं पाळण्यातलं नाव विनायक होतं. बल्लाळ दादाच्या पाठोपाठ गंपूहि रोज सकाळी व्यायामशाळेत जात असे. पण पेढे, श्रीखंड आणि मोदकाचं वेड असणाऱ्या गंपूच पोट काही केल्या कमी मात्र होत न्हवतं.
शाळेतल्या स्पोर्ट्स डे मधे बुद्धिबळात मेडल जिंकून गंपू एके दिवशी घरी आला. आल्याआल्या आजीला घट्ट मिठी मारून त्याने हि बातमी तिला दिली. आजीने लगेच डब्यातली एक टॉफी काढून गंपूच्या हातावर ठेवली. 'दर वेळी काय गं टॉफी देतेस. आता मी काय लहान नाहीये टॉफी खायला,' गंपू लगेच म्हणाला.
गंपूचा आवाज ऐकून बाबा बाहेर आले. 'काय कुरकुर चाललीये आजीकडे सकाळीच? अरे वा! जिंकलास का स्पर्धेत? छान!' असं म्हणत त्यांनी गंपूची पाठ थोपटली.
'बाबा, तुम्हीच सांगा. मी आता लहान आहे का हो टॉफी खायला? मला आज समोसा खायचाय शाळेसमोरच्या दुकानातून. आजीला काही समजतच नाही. तुम्ही द्या ना ५ रुपये,' गंपू केवीलवाण्या स्वरात म्हणाला.
'समोसा वगैरे काही नाही. गपचूप हाथ धुऊन ये आणि आजीने दिलेली ती टॉफी खा.' कडक शिस्तीचे बाबा गंपूच्या विनवणीला नमले नाहीत.
'पण मला समोसाच हवाय...' असं म्हणत गंपूने चक्क टॉफी जमिनीवर फेकून दिली. आजीने लगेच बटव्यातून ५ रुपये काढून गंपूच्या हातात कोंबले आणि त्याला घराबाहेर पिटाळला.
 'तुझ्या या लाडानेच तो इतका शेफारलाय. आज चक्क त्याने टॉफी फेकून दिली. असच चालू राहिलं तर तो बिघडायला वेळ लागणार नाही.' भिंतीवरच्या घड्याळाने नऊ टोल पूर्ण केले.
'तू कुठे रे बिघडलायस? उसाचा रस प्यायचाय म्हणून शाळेतून येताना तू हि हट्ट धरून बसायचास. आपला गंपू अजून लहान आहे. समज येईल त्याला लवकरच.'
' खरंय. कितीही बक्षिसं मिळवली तरी या टॉफी एवढं मोठं बक्षीस मला कुणीही देऊ शकणार नाही हे समजायला मलाही थोडा वेळ लागला होता,' गंपूचे बाबा जमिनीवर पडलेली टॉफी उचलत शांतपणे म्हणाले.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

28 Apr 2017

Invitation to Review {Novella: The Last Nomad}

Are you are a passionate reader? Then here's your chance to review The Last Nomad.

The book tries to strike a conversation on 'Not all things experienced can be understood. Not all things understood can be expressed.'

Please share a few words about yourself* on connectinsight@gmail.com. No spams, I promise!

Your review may also appear in literary magazines in India.

Here's what readers think about The Last Nomad: https://goo.gl/w3dt7M

Note: Select reviewers will receive complementary Softbacks/Kindle copies. Softback copies will only be sent to readers from India.

*: This must include: Name, Address, About Yourself, Your Favourite Book, Review copy preference (Softback/Kindle)
- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

19 Apr 2017

Magic Happens [Novella: The Last Nomad]

'A reader's genuine review may lack the glamour but it has the magic to give wings to your work.'

Never did I imagine that I would be writing to you about a revised edition of The Last Nomad, when first publishing it in September, last year.

As promised, The Last Nomad revised edition (Kindle and Softback versions) is now live!

Here are your copies at a special price:
  • Softback [ISBN: 9789352684748]
  • Kindle
    (The free kindle app is also available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC)

Why should you read The Last Nomad?
The readers' comments say it all.

The Last Nomad will be soon available at select stores in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru and under ‘Gift a book’ option. Thanks to Amazon KDP and Pothi.com for giving more power to you and me.

Now I believe in the first sentence in this post even more.

Of course, this isn’t my single-handed achievement. Thank you guys: Akshay Prabhu, Pranav Prabhu, Karan Soni, Gaurav Dhairyawan, Mayur Dhondsekar, Anjana Khare, Ankur Chakravarty, Abhishek Ghag, Vivek Gurav, Kapil Gurav, Pratik Vengurlekar, Swati Sanmukh, Nitasha Naik, Swati Nerurkar, Ram Nerurkar, Neeraja Vaidya, Nikhil Shinde, M.S. Uma, Jayant Kerkar, Gayatri Gadgil,Valentino Gasper, and Shamita Vokkaliga.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

25 Mar 2017

Poem: Yesterday and Today


Love was...
In the tormenting curves
In the sweet smell of skin
In the pink rosy cheeks
And dimpled chin


Love is...
When in your presence
The way my heart beats
And I see myself again
In your eyes full of love

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

9 Mar 2017

कथा: अगदी पर्वाचीच डिजिटल गोष्ट...

भर दुपारी तळपत्या उन्हात, कासव आणि ससा यांची शर्यत लागलेली. 

दोघे आपापल्या परीने धावू लागले. पण मध्यावर पोहोचल्यावर अचानक दोघे एकमेकांकडे पाहू लागले आणि थांबले. कासवाला आठवलं तो FB वर Live जायला विसरला होता आणि सस्याला आठवलं तो race चे snaps Insta करणंच राहून गेलं होतं. अशा रीतीने ससा आणि कासव दोघे FB live आणि Insta करत करत एकत्र शर्यत जिंकले!

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

24 Feb 2017

कविता: साजणी

गंध मातीचा श्वासात तुझ्या

डोळा निरझराचे पाणी

रातराणी तू दरवळलिस

ओंजळी चंद्राची गाणी

Translation: Your breathe has the fragrance of earth/your eyes have the flowing water of a waterfall/you lingered(last night) like the fragrance of 'raatrani'(jasmine)/leaving songs of the moon in my palms.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

19 Feb 2017

Creative Writing Workshop at D.G.Ruparel College, Mumbai

It feels glad to share with you that my first workshop on Creative Writing was conducted yesterday, on 18th February, in D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai.

The participation of 42 enthusiastic yet patient students made the session more interesting. Thanks to the Management and Department of English for inviting me - more than an alumni I truly enjoyed every moment as a student, reliving my years as a student, all again.

I wish the students all the very best for their future!

Here is the feedback on the session:

"Hi Sir! This is Nitasha Naik from Ruparel College. I attended your talk and it was amazing and inspiring for those who wish to be writers.
"Sorry for disturbing you on a Sunday.
"But I really wanted to let you know that the novel 'The Last Nomad' is amazing. The story line is so realistic that I actually got connected to it. I could visualize the life story of Shankar and Laxmi while reading the book and the problems they faced are what people are facing in today's developing world.
"The story takes you to a journey of all those people who are fighting for living a good life. Thanks for writing such a wonderful novel."
- Nitasha Naik, Student

"Excellent session, in terms of content as well as presentation. Proud to interact with an author who’s a former DGRC student as well."
- Gayatri Gadgil 
Head, Department of English
D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

4 Feb 2017

Poem: A Beautiful Woman

To them
A woman is beautiful
Delicate and fragile
With slender little fingers
And soft pink cheeks

To me
A woman is more beautiful
When she is her man’s strength
Having strong wrists and a heart of steel
Fighting his battle, day and night

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

1 Jan 2017

Poem: One Last Resolution

As the year begins, new resolutions are born
Which become deprived children as the year ends
But this year I made one
My one last resolution

It is not to achieve a six pack
Or an eight figure paycheck
Neither it is to cross the continents
Nor to frame another piece of paper

My one last resolution
Is to live each moment aware
Just like the several thousand moments
This moment too shall pass

To believe happiness is in achievement
Is to live a life miserable
For the moments of achievement are stars in the unending void
Happiness is to do your part and let the result unfold

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad