24 Dec 2016

Poem: Speck of Dust

When thoughts fly
High in the sky
We are a speck of dust
A tiny happening in the void

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

18 Dec 2016

The Last Nomad at Shabd - The Book Gallery

It feels excited to share that my novella, The Last Nomad, is now available for readers at Shabd The Book Gallery, Mumbai.

Shabd has become a space for readers in Mumbai to be often visited with its Shabd Gappa - an annual series of conversations with renowned personalities in the world of literature, films, music and social work. It's magazine Mukt Shabd also offers wonderful thoughts on culture and society.

So what if you are in Pune or Bengaluru?
Visit Bengaluru's The Bookworm: https://goo.gl/Ft7mL8 and Pune's Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe: https://goo.gl/s3eOrs

And in case you are a fan of paperbacks, like me, more than a Kindle version, it will be a matter of honour to be introduced in a book cafe/store in your city. Get in touch on Facebook or Email: connectinsight@gmail.com.

What's happening at Shabd? Follow them here:
Website: www.shabdbooks.com
Facebook (Shabd Publication): Shabd Publication

Visit Shabd - The Book Gallery
Shop No 2, Crest Apartment,
L T Road, Vazira Naka, Borivali (W),
Mumbai – 400091

Along with bookmarks, tucked inside the books are personal notes for the first four readers!

- हेरंब

14 Dec 2016

Poem: Loving a sailor

Away from the sea
A sailor feels good as dead
So is true for his lover
Whom fate often parts 

The sailor longs for the wind in his face
His lover waits for the warmth in his arms
One sunset the ship must forever rest
His lover eyes are on the next sunrise

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

11 Dec 2016

The Edmund Wilson experiment

The American writer and critic Edmund Wilson said,
"No two persons ever read the same book."

So true, Mr. Wilson! Readers find their own special story in each and every page they read.

Won't it be awesome to hear a passage from The Last Nomad in your voice? Let's prove Mr. Wilson right.

Start here.
  1. Select a passage you would like to read (from the nine given below)
  2. Record it in your clear voice (a voice recording on any mobile/pc/tablet/voice recorder would do. A video recorded at a beach/park/cafe would be simply amazing.)
  3. Quickly send it across(maybe along with a nice selfie :-)) using:
    1. Message on Facebook: @thelastnomadindia
    2. Email it on connectinsight@gmail.com with the subject line 'The Edmund Wilson experiment | My story in your voice'.
    3. Tweet to @insightstories with the hash tag #MyStoryInYourVoice
    4. You can also share it using Dropbox/WeTransfer/Google Drive to connectinsight@gmail.com.
  4. Your stories will be published on Facebook and SoundCloud.
Like TheLastNomad page to know the results of the experiment. 
I'm eagerly waiting to receive your story. 

Here are your passages:

#01 'Fear'
Many months passed until one day the boulder surprisingly dislodged and the cave was flooded with light. The cave had been very well explored and exploited by these nomads who had become adapted to staying in darkness. Having lost contact with the world outside, dominated and hypnotised by their ruler who was just another nomad, they were afraid of going outside the cave.
Millions of years have passed and descendants of these nomads are still afraid to enter the world outside. They are toiling in deep darkness, scraping the soil and rocks, in search of an eternal source of light, like the light which is already present one step outside the cave.

#02 'When power's at stake'
Elections were the only time when residents, who were otherwise subdued, would be pampered. The goodies to entice had been carefully chosen to garner votes: men with chicken biryani and booze, women with fancy garments and ten rupees and teenagers with a good supply of bidis – cheap leaf-wrapped tobacco cigarettes – and packets of tobacco snuff. Sometimes when the stakes for the Liberals and SOS men were high, the men would be entertained in makeshift theatres to c-grade films like ‘Hawas ka Junoon’ and ‘Chudel ka Tashan’.

#03 'Falling in Love once again'
As if he was breathing after a long time, Shankar took a deep breath standing in the warm evening sand of the Devbag beach, closing his eyes with arms spread wide. Laxmi came and snuggled close from behind him rubbing her face on his toned back. The serene beach showing no slightest trace of humans was unbelievably calm. Being with Laxmi in such endearing silence, away from all the noise Shantinagar could offer them, was an invitation to fall in love all again. 
‘Ready for the second honeymoon?’ he said turning around and planting a small kiss on her forehead. Her hair bun was all decked up with white jasmine garland. 
‘No! My two small kids have already become quite uncontrollable. No more children,’ she said playfully, running away from him as he caught her within some distance and swung her midway in the air in circles until she begged him to stop. 

#04 'Love'

Beyond Words

When we do not have much to say
Words are plenty

When there is lot to express
They leave us scarce

So strange is the language of love 
Which speaks only through eyes
When the mind has surrendered to your beloved

‘Where had you been Ryan?’ said Saki moved by his words.

#05 'Miracles'

‘What happened exactly when you were with him? Did you see him flying... or did he produce some... some sacred ash out of thin air or at least a gold chain?’ she asked with childlike wonder.

Ryan’s laughter echoed in the drawing room. How eager are we humans to hear, know and talk about miracles, he thought to himself.

‘I saw more, Saki’ said Ryan with a mischievous smile Saki couldn't ignore. No matter how much she had convinced herself of having forgotten the old memories, she could still feel the same for him as during their last trip to Mount Rokko. 

‘Tell me, I’m all ears.’ She turned a deaf ear to her racing heartbeats.

#06 'The First Glance.'
That day at the library Ryan was searching through the catalogue in vain, stealing glances at the assistant. No matter what, today I must speak to her, he thought trying to boost his own morale.
Not knowing what to say next, he tapped at the desk with his pen trying to catch her attention. It being lunch time half of the library seemed empty. ‘This is the right moment Ryan,’ he thought aloud hating the self talk.
With closed eyes she was gently swaying to some song from the mp3 player. She opened her eyes only when disturbed by his second tapping. Embarrassed, she quickly pulled out the earphones seeing a boy gazing at her across the desk and held his hands assuming he was carrying a book to return.

#07  'Ruthless Control'
‘Really?’ Dinanath couldn’t believe that corporator Joshi still cared about him after the elections.
‘How can I forget you? I know you have offered sweat and blood for the party.’ Dinanath, who had begun to sink in fantasy, suddenly became alert with the last remark.
‘One month.’ Mr. Joshi spun the paper weight again as Dinanath got up from his chair.
‘And don’t even imagine anything about ASC and Deobhankar.’ The paperweight whirled briefly before losing its grace and coming to an abrupt halt.

#08 'Women'
‘What do you want me to play?’ asked Rebecca opening the violin case.
Being a street musician, she was used to variety of responses from people: catcalls, appreciation, hatred and nasty suggestive looks. But she was surprised by Ryan’s strange demand – he wanted her to play solely for him the whole night. And her first thought was, he must either be a psychopath or a heartbroken lover.
‘Sometimes I get a few unwelcome touches when I am engrossed in playing. But I know these men are more scared than me,’ she said talking about daily life.
‘Crazy thoughts don’t allow me to play; I feel why don’t these men come up and frankly say things to me? At least I will have company for the night.’ 
That evening when she saw Ryan, he was the only person listening to her on a blurred background of people rushing back home, having no time as usual. She could never understand when someone said, ‘I have no time’.  What in the world did they have time for except making money?

#09 'The Unknown'
‘Then Adinath started speaking, “Even if you miss living, the only reality which no one can escape is death. It marks the end of grand plans we are always making about life. What lies after death is beyond imagination – we as we know ourselves come to an end.”
‘I pleaded forgiveness but he was calm and composed. “One who can regain sanity after watching death so closely and still do all that life asks of him has gained something within. For him there is no need of any occult powers because there is no one left in him; it is the death of the old him,” saying thus he walked out of the ground. The pyre was rapidly turning into ashes.

Yes, share this post on your wall or tweet and retweet - let's witness the same story become a new one in hundred different voices. 

Here's to Mr. Wilson!

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

10 Dec 2016

Conversation Cards | Let the conversation begin

Here are few conversation cards for #SundayChatonTheLastNomad

Get your steaming coffee, adrak chais and join the event tomorrow: https://t.co/7c6v8PaO1V

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad SupportNAAM

9 Dec 2016

Join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad

So the plan is...

After the recently held #TheLastNomad micro-tale challenge, here's a chance for us to meet again.

Join me in a live chat on 11th December between 5pm to 6pm IST(the true Indian Standard Time and not the Indian Samjhauta Time!) at facebook.com/thelastnomadindia and freely share your thoughts on passion, identity, fear and love. Because, this is exactly the experience awaiting you in The Last Nomad! Join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad.

So, what if you haven't read the novella, here's a glimpse in one line: 'an intriguing journey of Rahul and Ryan being set free from the identities they have assumed.'

But before we catch up maybe you'll like to watch the readers' praise for The Last Nomad: https://goo.gl/zOSCOJ

Here's what you can choose to begin with:
Tell me about one of your favourite romantic, thriller, suspense or mystery story.
Or it could be a movie or a song which made you pause and think.
And of course any of your experiences which left in you in awe!

Get your steaming coffee or adrak chai and join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad on 11th December between 5pm to 6pm IST.

Spread the word. Let’s have a good time.

Can't participate in the live chat?
Post your thoughts now as comments below or email them to connectinsight@gmail with the subject 'The Last Nomad | Live Chat'. Promise to reply to each comment and email by Sunday, 11th December.

See you on Sunday.

Get your Kindle copy of The Last Nomad at a special price on Amazon.

Or the crisp-paged, sweet-smelling paperbacks here:
Pothi.com: https://goo.gl/N1Hpfg

I would love to read your reviews on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2dxn19u

The book has also found its place in Bengaluru's The Bookworm: https://goo.gl/Ft7mL8 and Pune's Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe: https://goo.gl/s3eOrs

To tickle you before I take your leave...
What more are we but living stories? What will be left of us if all our identities disappear, even for a moment?
'May you find your true story.'

 Join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad.

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

8 Dec 2016

I experienced KAUL - A Calling. Did you?

Understanding any movie will seem to be the easiest thing... only until you watch Kaul - A Calling.

Maybe you'll feel like quitting it halfway, but hang on till the end to have the complete experience. This is neither a praise post neither a review; I can't rate this experience. 

Maybe I can go on talking about unconventional cinematography, sound design and so on. But it won't do you any good. 

Kudos to team Kaul, especially writer and director, Aadish Keluskar, for attempting such a film. Watch it, at least once, but only if you can dare to be left hollow in the end.

The movie opens with Friedrich Nietzsche's quote, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Not all things experienced can be understood, not all things understood can be expressed.

We danced.

Welcome to KAUL - A Calling!

- हेरंब
Author of The Last Nomad

3 Dec 2016

Praise for The Last Nomad

For all your love and support, I just have one word: gratitude.

At this moment I would like to share a glimpse of what readers' say about the book.

If you are in Bengaluru, you can get your copy at The Bookworm or if in Pune, you can read the book at this amazing book chai cafe Pagdandi.

For more details visit these links:
Bengaluru's The Bookworm: https://goo.gl/Ft7mL8
Pune's Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe: https://goo.gl/s3eOrs

Get your copy online on:

And don't forget to share your review on Goodreads or write to me on connectinsight@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!

- हेरंब

Ankur Chakravarty's Ethereel: Book 2 is live!

Following the success of 'Ethereel Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action', author Ankur Chakravarty brings out Book 2: 'Hello, Can You Fear Me?'.

New chapters will be released every Saturday, on the his blog here Read Ethereel Book 2

Happy Saturdays to you!

Here's the synopsis:
Three months since dealing with the Company, Ravi is relaxing into his new life, his responsibilities keeping him busy. But there are events at work in the city that he cannot simply ignore. Events that seem to be affecting even the ghosts in the images. What will Ravi discover when he tries to get to the bottom of it all?

Reading Ethereel for the first time?
Start with Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action.

Get your Book 1 copy here: Ethereel Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action

About the Author

"Ankur Chakravarty is also a huge fan of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics, respectively). Some of his favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Rebuild of Evangelion and Gintama. He has also been self-studying the Japanese language and has passed the N4 qualification of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Ankur is an active cosplayer (costumed-roleplayer), going by the stage-name of “Ankur Encore.” He can often be found at comic conventions across the country, dressed up as fictional characters. He is most known for his cosplays of Dr. Franken Stein from Soul Eater, Ryuk from Death Note, Nnoitra from Bleach and the Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who." Read more.

- हेरंब

27 Nov 2016

Poem: Nomads in Love

Let us wander every inch of this earth
Like nomads in search of nothing
It is silly to gather in this life so brief
How much love will we horde after all?
For all pleasure we seek is love in disguise
And it is never enough to love

- हेरंब

17 Nov 2016

Mini-tale | Who Is The Sculptor?

There was a huge old rock who thought it was being hit unsparingly, broken down, and snubbed by the sculptor, day after day.

Life was going to chisel the rock each day, till all the unwanted parts would be chipped away, to be made into a beautiful sculpture. The sculptor felt like witnessing what life was doing to him and thought, who is the sculptor?

- हेरंब
Meet my novella The Last Nomad 

15 Nov 2016

On the road less taken | The Last Nomad at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Pune

Maybe The Last Nomad is meant to meet its readers at places away from the obvious ones.

After reaching Bengaluru, now the book has been welcomed at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Pune, thanks to Neha and Vishal Pipraiya (the founders) and Team Pagdandi.

If you are in Pune don't forget to visit this amazing place(open on all seven days). The space offers so much that it can't be covered in this post - workshops and events on poetry(including Urdu!), community story telling, monologue acting and even Madhubani painting. And yes, I have heard Mary's cakes are not to be missed at the cafe.

It takes great courage and passion, Neha and Vishal, to create such space. Punekars have once again become the subject of my envy.

If you are at Pagdandi on 26th November maybe we can catch up. Pagdandi, I'm coming on the road less taken.

Ready to welcome at your book cafe/ book store/ reading circle? Get in touch at connectinsight@gmail.com or on Facebook

Stay updated about Pagdandi: Facebook

*Update: Few pictures from visit to Pagdandi...

Didn't hear about the micro-tale challenge? Participate now to win a copy of The Last Nomad: Take the challenge now: goo.gl/2gMtJa
- हेरंब

14 Nov 2016

दिल खोलके | Come, Tell Me A Story

Hi Friend,

Are you feeling good? Hope things are well in your life and around you as you read this.

Once upon a time being children, we have realised (hopefully) that happy moments are never enough.

What is that one thing you would like to change at this moment that would make you happy? This is with no intention, a survey or a study. Share any story, song, picture that will immerse you in happiness in the comment box below. Tag it with #DilKholke. You can even share it on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/InsightStories) or Tweet it @insightstories(https://twitter.com/insightstories)

Just thought of talking to you in midst of all the crowd of shares and promotional posts. After all, conversations between friends should never stop.

Once upon a time we were children. Happy Children's Day!

Feel free to share this post wherever you like. No need to share credit. Sunshine, love, grace are free...the best things in life are.

Aaj #DilKholke thodi baatein karle...

Image courtesy: The Learning Community

- हेरंब

13 Nov 2016

Micro-tale Challenge | Update


Congratulations to Mayur Dhondsekar for winning the micro-tale contest. You will receive your paperback copy of The Last Nomad soon.

Here are the entries for #TheLastNomad micro-tale challenge.

- हेरंब

10 Nov 2016

Take the Micro-tale Challenge

For dear readers who found it difficult to spare time writing a lon...nngg post, let's make this challenge little easier (or difficult?).

10 words!
All you have is 10 words (at most) to key in a micro-tale and impress the readers.
An example?
Here's my 6 word micro-tale shortlisted by Penguin India during Tasleema Nasreen's latest book Exile: A memoir's promotional campaign. (https://goo.gl/Gjv82G)

Your tale must include the word 'nomad' anywhere.
Example: Living as a nomad he let go everything, including love.

So, here you go...
  • Visit: https://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia
  • Write your tale. (Remember 10 words or less.)
  • Tag it with #TheLastNomad
  • Share it with your friends.
  • The entry with maximum Likes wins a paperback copy of The Last Nomad.
  • Entries close on 30th November.

*Entries open for all resident Indians. Age no bar.

- हेरंब

An Invitation to Connect With The Last Nomad

- हेरंब

8 Nov 2016

मराठी कविता | पाहू रिटायर झाल्यावर

अंगणातल्या रातराणीच्या सुगंधात रेंगाळताना
सह्याद्रीतल्या जीर्ण गडाच्या तटबंदीवर वाऱ्याशी बोलताना
कुठल्यातरी पायवाटेवर वेळकाळ विसरून चालत जाताना
त्याला नेमकं वाटत होतं
'ह्याच क्षणांसाठी तर सारी धडपड सुरु आहे'
पण मग विचार आला
'पाहू, रिटायर झाल्यावर'

- हेरंब

3 Nov 2016

Filter Coffee with The Last Nomad | Welcome to The Bookworm, Bengaluru

Ask any author...

If there's anything delightful next to receiving readers’ feedback, it is seeing even a single copy of your book on the shelves of a bookstore. And trust me; it is tremendously difficult and super delighting for a debut author to witness his/her work in a bookstore.

Today evening one such surprise was awaiting me. Thanks to The Bookworm team, finally my novella, The Last Nomad, met its readers in Bengaluru.

In a city famous for its filter coffee and voracious readers, among other things, The Bookworm is a reader's heaven. Being an avid reader himself, Mr. Krishna Gowda, coming from a small village near Mangalore started working in a small bookshop on a pavement in the year 1997. Later in 2000 he opened The Bookworm and today is the humble owner of its, 5000 square feet sprawling, third outlet which opened in March 2016 on the Church Street opposite Starbucks.

I feel proud not only because my book has been placed besides ones by famous authors, but more so because it has met a passionate reader more than an owner, Mr. Krishna Gowda.

Think that’s all? Do you know the hidden connection between The Last Nomad and Bengaluru?
The story takes an unexpected turn in Bengaluru itself! And I know you won't believe if I said it's just a coincidence - the story was written much before I knew about The Bookworm. The author also has a special relation with Mr. Krishna's hometown and mother tongue, but that's another story ;-)

So if you or your friends are in Bengaluru, here's your chance to meet The Last Nomad exclusively in The Bookworm. Limited copies available!

The Bookworm
No. 1, Church Street,
Opposite Starbucks Coffee,
Bangalore, India

When: 7 days of the week, 10am to 9pm.

The Bookworm also hosts a number of events for lovers of literature.
To stay tuned like them on Facebook.

It's time for a cuppa coffee!

Would you like to welcome The Last Nomad in a bookstore near you? Are you a part of any book cafe/bookstore/book club?
I wish to reach out to more readers and there could be no place better than a bookstore. Write to me at connectinsight@gmail.com. I would be glad to visit your favourite local bookstore/book cafe/book club.

- हेरंब

The Last Nomad | Youtube Live with You


I'm planning for a Youtube Live session very soon for my novella, The Last Nomad.

Curious about The Last Nomad?
Then join me and participate in The Last Nomad Live session to ask questions, share your thoughts on the book or simply to quench your curiousty.

You can also send your questions (mentioning name and city) before the session to connectinsight@gmail.com

Tweet your questions/thoughts/wishes at @insightstories using the hash tag #thelastnomadlive

Watch this video to know readers' thought on the novella: The Journey Continues [Novella: The Last Nomad]

How can this live session become a success? Interested to know your thoughts.

- हेरंब

31 Oct 2016

Mystery in Three Lines

With you time flies like a feather
Without you time is a burden of tons
Which is more mysterious, time or you?

- हेरंब

28 Oct 2016

फिलहाल एक कहानी

आज बहुत शोर हैं बाहर,
मोहोल्ला हुआ हैं खूब रोशन |
इस रौश्नी और धुए मे,
न जाने तारे कहाँ गुम हो गये |

अजी चाँद तारों की बातें फ़िज़ूल,
हमे खुदसे गुम हुए सदिया बीत गयी |
फिलहाल एक कहानी ही सुनलो
शायद गुम हुए तारे वापस लौट आए |

My novella, The Last Nomad, released on 25th September, is an invitation to meet your true story. 

To participate in The True Story I Met contest and win a copy of book visit: Facebook/TheLastNomad

Share this post and help me spread the word.

- हेरंब

25 Oct 2016

'The True Story I Met' Contest | Important Update

The last date for submission of entries has been changed to 12th November. Hope to see more and more readers share their stories.

Share this post with your friends and fellow readers to make this contest more exciting!

How do I participate? Click 'The True Story I Met' Contest to share your story.

Get all the latest updates here: facebook/thelastnomadindia.

- हेरंब

22 Oct 2016

'The True Story I Met' Contest - Win a copy of The Last Nomad!

'The True Story I Met' Contest - Win a copy of The Last Nomad!

Stories born are of two kinds:
The nice and happy ones - which we all dream of living one day, those ending with achieving love, success and happiness.
While the later ones shake us out of our dreams, fantasies and place us in the middle of here and now – the true ones. They show us the way back to our core.
The Last Nomad will lead you into the world of your true story. Have you ever met such a story - be it in books or movies?

Write about a story which gave you a taste of the world around in 'The True Story I Met' and post it on http://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia

The top two entries with highest number of votes will win copies of 'The Last Nomad'.

The last date to submit your entries ends on 30th October. The entries will be live for the voting phase from 31st October to 5th November.

The world is waiting to read the true story you met!


  • Contest is open for all Indian resident citizens.
  • Age no bar.
  • Word Limit: 500 words.
  • You can also include a link to the movie/novel/story you are writing about.
  • Your post must begin/conclude with the following text:“The Last Nomad by Heramb Sukhathankar is an invitation to meet your true story. Find more about it in The Journey Continues [Novella: The Last Nomad]
  • The winners will be declared on 6th November on http://www.facebook.com/thelastnomadindia

Suggestions & queries? Share them in a comment below or write at connectinsight@gmail.com

- हेरंब

18 Oct 2016

The Last Nomad | How the story began

We never know which incident might trigger a story, poetry or any creative work.

Here's how the story for The Last Nomad began...

"The story started taking root 9 years ago in the form of a short story, which was published on Pothi.com. The trigger for another story was born a year and half ago on the streets of Mumbai’s blazing summer. It was published on www.insightstories.in as a series- The Story of Ryan. Coincidentally, there seemed a common thread between these two stories which became The Last Nomad."

Does this remind you one of how one of your stories/poems/blog posts was written? What triggers and drives your work? Share with me in a comment below or write to me at connectinsight@gmail.com

This was the first in a series of what The Last Nomad is all about. To receive more of such interesting stories follow The Last Nomad on Facebook.

- हेरंब

13 Oct 2016

Interview at Partridge India | The Last Nomad

Now, this may seem like narcissism, and I must plead guilty. But this post is nothing more than a note of gratitude to you all. I'm really overwhelmed seeing the response to The Last Nomad.

Feels glad to share my interview at Partridge India with you. Click here to read.

Seeing the several message from my readers all I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Waiting to hear your thoughts on The Last Nomad.

Available on:


Achara Times Article (newspaper article): http://bit.ly/2dcVXhK

Save it on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2dxn19u

- हेरंब

1 Oct 2016

Happy to be featured in Achara Times

Feels blessed to share this with you. The Last Nomad got featured in Achara Times - the newspaper from my native place Achara, District Sindhudurg in Maharashtra.

Yes, this does remind me of Malgudi Times (although fictional), from one of my favourite authors, R.K.Narayan's Malgudi Days.

Could there be a better feeling than feeling connected to your roots? Do visit Achara if you happen to be in Konkan. Here's a glimpse of what it can offer you.

- हेरंब

What Inspires You To Write?

What is it that keeps your pen to the papers, day after day, and your tired fingers glued to those keys and eyes staring at the cursor as your repeatedly press the [Backspace] button, trying to make the first draft better?

I would like to share with you three such things which inspire me to write.


 [Picture Courtesy: My Aaji (granny) and Rishann - neighbour's grandson]

Every time I see this picture, I remember what my friend Raj once said after seeing it, "Here are two lives: one which has seen what is life is all about and the second which is totally a blank slate, unaware."

Seeing such moments of joy leaves me want to describe everything about them.


[Picture taken at Malvan, District: Sindhudurg, Maharashtra]

Truth is bitter but important. Imagine talking ideal and good things, about how life is awesome - and suddenly your car halts to ask direction and there is this man toiling hard in his field at noon with the buffaloes grazing in the background.

It is as if the car AC has shut down. You know you can't ignore what you have seen - there are several men toiling like this to provide for all of us.

We never know when truth will pull us down on the ground from our lofty ideas with a thud. The Last Nomad is meant to be one such story.


[Picture taken at Fort Sindhudurg, 2011 - District: Sindhudurg, Maharashtra]

What inspired men to build such huge, impossible seeming buildings and structures when the only way achieving it was toiling hard?

It is when we stand gaping at something huge and majestic, we realize how tiny we are with our petty ambitions and desires. And in that moment when thoughts seem absent we find our minds tinkling with a new story.

What inspires you to write? Do share in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

One thing I have realized in my short experience as a blogger and author which is exactly what Jodi Picoult, the author of Salem Falls, has said.

'The act of reading is a partnership. The author builds a house, but the reader makes it a home.'

The Last Nomad, my new novella published by Partridge India, is live!

Watch more about the book on Youtube or
listen on SoundCloud.

It is presently available on:
Pothi and Amazon

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- हेरंब

26 Sep 2016

Storytelling | The Mirror and Moustache

When was the last time you looked into a mirror? Maybe few moment or hours back.

What if striving for one glance in a mirror becomes a boy’s mission? And what happens when the boy finally looks into the mirror?

Here's a narration of my entry, The Mirror and Moustache, for the Tata Lit Live 2016: SoundCloud link

Hit the Vote button on this link, if you like it: (Voting open upto 2nd October)

Read & Vote: http://wshe.es/fbZSAYd8

- हेरंब

25 Sep 2016

The Last Nomad, My Debut Novella is Live!

It's been a year since I first thought of publishing something apart from short stories.

Finally it's here - my debut novella, The Last Nomad published by Partridge India.

I'm sure this story will take you to places within, long forgotten. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Get your copy on Pothi.com(Softback) and Amazon (Kindle) 

Add it on your shelf and don't forget to share your thoughts on Goodreads

It is a really special birthday for me.

Thanks to all those who made this dream come true: : Shailesh Vatsaraj, Sonal Trivedi Athnikar, Shamitha Vokkaliga, Chintan Girish Modi, Ankur Chakravarty, Arvind Sukhathankar, Sheela Wagle, Chetan Asodekar, Vinay Desai and Partridge India

Happy to present the first copy of The Last Nomad to Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni - one of my favourite contemporary screenplay writer and director.Thank you Umesh!

- हेरंब

18 Sep 2016

Poem: To Be Blessed

No matter what you name the relation
To be blessed is to dissolve in someone

Someone who embraces you with all your savagery
And floods you with more goodness than you could desire

This is one thing we all will be led to
Beggar or emperor

Is there something more we can ask life for?
Wise it is to break your cocoon when life starts loving

- हेरंब

16 Sep 2016

The Mirror and Moustache | My Entry for Tata Lit Live 2016

Here's my entry for Tata Lit Live 2016, The Mirror and Moustache - http://wshe.es/fbZSAYd8 Hope you enjoy the story. Do vote(by clicking on the link below) if you feels it deserves to reach out to more readers. Voting beings September 26. If this entry is selected, I will get a chance to read it at the Seventh edition of the International Mumbai Literary Festival. Thanks!

- हेरंब

9 Sep 2016

A Love Story | Cigarette

She was brought back into the present with sudden start of the bus.

Her eyes happened to notice the peculiar shape of the co-passenger's belly region. She was more convinced of her belief after seeing the manner in which the accompanying man's fingers were carefully wrapped around the lady's shoulder - the lady was pregnant.

Through the smoke she was inhaling, it seemed for a moment as if he was around. "I would stop smoking when we are expecting...," she had promised him.

But he was gone, 4 months back. Her fingers crushed the burning cigarette in the extinguisher.

This story is a part of the Untold Stories of Love.
These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is; no cosmetics.

Get your copy: http://imojo.in/e3bvzp
Hope you enjoy it.

- हेरंब

3 Aug 2016

Majhi Metro Festival 2016: Poetry

Here are my final two entries under poetry for the Majhi Metro Festival 2016. Hope you like them.

Theme: People

The Immortal Man

The Man Who Never Went to The Sea

If you haven't participated yet, here's a great opportunity. The submission deadline has been extended to 9th August. All the best!

- हेरंब

30 Jul 2016

Poem: Just Make Me One With You

No matter what I say
No matter how I feel
No matter where I go
I long to be with you
Just make me one with you

Things come together and fall apart
I can never imagine to ever depart
When things are perfect I'm scared
Come tell me my fear is just a nightmare
Just make me one with you

I like to be always fooling around
With crazy attempts to make you feel we belong
One thing's for certain now I'm sure
No matter what you'll be there
Just make one with you

Poems in general and poems specifically on love maybe the most ridiculed ones: they sound crazy, sometimes idiotic, foolish, illogical and too sentimental. And the funny part being everyone writes them at some point in time: child who loves his dog or broken toy, teenager for his sweetheart, woman who misses her spouse, and someone who has lost his/her beloved.

Now think of a 'high' in your life, it could be a roller-coaster ride, your first date or meeting your parents after a really long time. Were you "all logical and sensible" at that moment? So it is with poems and love. You can always laugh at them. But they will meet you again.

- हेरंब

16 Jul 2016

Majhi Metro 2016: Another Entry in Poetry

Sometimes, no matter how much ever you try, a new poem doesn't come to you so easily. That night it happened again to this poet, who was took the last Metro from Ghatkopar. Did the poem finally got written?

Find out for yourself in my poem 'The Poem's Muse' which also happens to be my second entry for the Majhi Metro 2016 festival - a festival celebrating experiences in and around the Mumbai Metro.

Here's the poem, The Poem's Muse: http://majhimetro.in/contest/the-poems-muse/
Hit the Like button on the link above if you like it. Thanks! Don't forget to see some amazing paintings and photographs on the site.

Oops! Did you miss out reading my first entry?
You can read it here, Travel One Dayhttp://majhimetro.in/contest/travel-one-day/

- हेरंब

12 Jul 2016

Majhi Metro 2016: My Poetry Entry

Trains are undeniably the lifeline of my city, Mumbai. To reduce the load of Mumbai Suburban Railway, the Mumbai Metro carries 3.5 lakh people daily.

Majhi Metro since 2013 encourages the commuters to share their experiences about the Metro through different forms like Poetry, Photography and Painting.

Here's my entry to Majhi Metro 2016
Poem: Travel One Day:  http://majhimetro.in/contest/travel-one-day/

Please click on the link and hit the LIKE button if you like it, to make this the winning entry which will also be visible to 3.5 lac commuters everyday.


- हेरंब

3 Jul 2016


Captivating & thrilling!

Just finished reading "ETHEREEL : LIGHTS, CAPTURA, ACTION" by Ankur Chakravarty​!

(Image Courtesy: Adarsh Panicker)

A fast-paced ride in a not so fictional world. One of its kind book which never lets you keep it down without finishing it in one session ( sitting or lying down, whichever you prefer!).

This book has again triggered in me the taste for reading fantasy thrillers set in our homeland.
- Heramb​

P.S: Ankur: I'm waiting for the sequel.

P.P.S: Ankur: Will Subro really get to say more in the sequel?

P.P.P.S: Ankur: What will really Ravi do with Captura? What happened to Miss. Dixit?
That's all for now. I'll come back with more questions.

Get you copies here: http://store.self-publish.in/products/ethereel-lights-captura-action

- हेरंब

2 Jul 2016

Poem: Opposites

Life is an odd play of opposites
We believe and mistrust
We meet and depart

Life is a journey of letting go
No matter what you lose
Love never lets you fall apart

- हेरंब

14 Jun 2016

Story for Kids in Mumbai Times | गंपू आणि तारे

मुलांना नकळतपणे अनेक प्रकारच्या भेदभावांना सामोरं जावं लागतं. त्यांचा मनात मुळात कोणताही भेदभाव नसताना त्यांच्यावर काही गोष्टी लादल्या जातात. घरी आणि शाळेत याबद्दल आई वडील किंवा शिक्षक मुलांच्या मनातल्या गोंधळाच निरसन करू शकत नाहीत. आपण त्यांना अनेक थातूर मातुर उत्तरं देऊन वेळ मारून नेतो.

As children grow up, they come face to face with certain situations which they are kept away from and not talked about at home. One of them is discrimination, be it of any kind. Here's a story of how Gampu's father talks to him about it and helps make his friendship stronger.

Glad to share with you my 2nd story for kids published in today's Mumbai Times(a supplement of Maharashtra Times). Do read it for your tiny tots.

Read online: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31829&articlexml=14062016104009#

- हेरंब

10 Jun 2016

Poem: Two Ships

Alone they sailed
On the sea of despair
Through the mist of doubt
In the moonless nights of fear

Today the stubborn sea is calm
And the mist has fled away
As two ships meet at the horizon
In the glittering warm waters of love

- हेरंब

28 May 2016

कविता: बेफिकीर

A poem on rain through the eyes of someone who has experience drought.

धरती च्या उदरात
काळ्याकभिन्न कातळात
इतकी माया दडलीये
तरीही आपण का करतोय आरोप तिचा पान्हा नीरस झाल्याचा?

तीन महिने तो हवा तसा बेफिकीर बरसून गेल्यावर
पुढचे नऊ मास
तिच्या प्रेमाचा पान्हा
कदाचित आठला हि नसता
जर आपल्याला वेळीच बापाची किंमत कळली असती

- हेरंब

25 May 2016

कविता: बुद्धाचं दिवास्वप्न

What happens when Buddha, the enlightened one, lands in our city one day after more than 2000 years?

रखरखत्या उनात उभ्या असलेल्या
वातानुकूलन यंत्राच्या वेंटिलेटरवर तगलेल्या
निष्प्राण इमारतींच्या शहरात
एक दिवस बुद्ध पुन्हा अवतरला
हातात बोधीवृक्षाच रोप घेऊन
मातीच्या शोधात

मातीच्या मरणानंतर खूप काळ लोटला होता
पण बुद्धाचा दोष न्हवता काहीच अनभिज्ञ असण्यात
तो ध्यानात मग्न होता
आणि माती आपल्याच मुलांकडून रक्तबंबाळ होत होती

सगळं शहर पिंजून थकलेल्या बुद्धाला
शहरातल्या एका पुलावर होर्डिंग दिसलं 'ट्री हाउस फॉर सेल'
आणि ज्ञान प्राप्त झाल्याचं
तो दिवास्वप्न पाहू लागला

- हेरंब

A poem dedicated to everyone working for conversation of nature.

21 May 2016

कविता: सरळसोट

हातावर बसलेला रुळाचा मार लपवत
शाळा सुटल्यावर आम्ही दोघ रेल्वेच्या रुळावरून चालत होतो
त्याची चूक इतकीच होती
साईन, कॉस, टॅन च्या रेषात त्याला
जगण्याची गम्मत दिसत न्हवती
रूळ सरळ सरळ चालत गेलेले पहिले
आणि आम्ही पायवाट धरली छोट्या तळ्याकडे जाणारी

- हेरंब

20 May 2016

कविता: दाट माणसं, विरळ माणसं

निर्ढावलेली, मग्रूर
पोटाच्या भरलेल्या घड्यावरून हात फिरवत
करपट ढेकर देणारी
प्रत्येक क्षणी चौफेर आपली वखवखली नजर उधळणारी
विरळ माणसं

ताठ कण्याने चालणारी
पाठपोठ एक झालेली
उपाशी पोटाच्या खळगीत खूप प्रेम साठवलेली
दाट माणसं

- हेरंब

17 May 2016

Story for Kids in Mumbai Times | खट्याळ गंपू

Glad to share with you my story for kids published in today's Mumbai Times(a supplement of Maharashtra Times). Do read it for your tiny tots.

Read Online: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31829&articlexml=17052016104005

- हेरंब

10 May 2016

A tribute to Grace

चैतन्याची चाहूल
देऊन तुम्ही हो गेला
तिमिरात शोधतो कविता
अन्  शब्द राहिले हाती
- हेरंब

Grace... that wasn't his real name. But who can separate what's real from the abstract? Just as he made the abstract and obscure seem more tangible through his poetry than the immediate real.

Today would have been his 79th birthday.

संदिग्ध घरांच्या ओळी
आकाश ढवळतो वारा;
माझ्याच किनार्‍यावरती
लाटांचा आज पहारा !

Listen to Grace speaking at G A Mahotsav, where he was awarded the prestigious GA Sanman. It is held every year in the memory of litterateur GA Kulkarni.

image courtesy: www.aathavanitli-gani.com

- हेरंब

6 May 2016

कविता: दोन माणसं

दोन माणसं

एक, निखाऱ्यांची झळ लागते म्हणून
स्वतःच राख पांघरून बसलेला

दुसरा, त्याच निखाऱ्यांचा पलिता करून
प्रकाशवाटा शोधणारा

- हेरंब

4 May 2016

Story for Kids | दाणा आणि पाणी

एक होती चिऊ ताई. भर दुपारी सूर्य माथ्यावर आलेला असताना तिला तहान लागली. पण या चिउचि  होती एक समस्या. तिच्या एका पंखाला दुखापत झाल्यामुळे तिला काही उडता येत न्हव्त. चिऊ ताई एकटीच राहत असे कारण तिचं लग्न अजून झालं न्हव्त. नक्की तहान कशी भागवायची या विवंचनेत असताना तिच्या मनात अनेक विचार येऊ लागले. काही विचारांनी ती इतकी भयभीत झाली की तिला आपला शेवट जवळ आला असंच वाटू लागलं.
चिऊताई बसलेल्या त्या चिकूच्या झाडावर नुकतीच फळे लागायला सुरुवात झाली होती. त्यामुळे चिकूचा गोड रस चाखायला अजून काही मुंग्यांची वर्दळ सुरु झाली न्हवती. अचानक चिऊताईच्या घरट्यात एक भला मोठा पानाचा द्रोण येउन पडला. घाबरलेल्या चिऊताईची भीती अधिक बळावली. वरच्या फांदीवर पाहता तिला काही मुंग्या खाली येताना दिसल्या. आता ह्या मुंग्या नक्की आपल्याला मारणार असा तिचा समज झाला.
जसजशा त्या मुंग्या जवळ येऊ लागल्या तसे चिऊ ताईने आपले डोळे घट्ट मिटून घेतले. काही क्षण कोणतीच हालचाल जाणवल्याने तिने हळूच एक डोळा उघडून पहिले तर मुंग्यांची एक लांबच लांब रांग एक एक पाण्याचा थेंब घेऊन येत होती आणि त्या पानाच्या द्रोणात रिता करत होती. पाहता पाहता तो द्रोण पाण्याने भरून घेला आणि चिऊताईची तहान भागली.

काही दिवसापूर्वी याच मुंग्यांना अन्नाचा तुटवडा असताना नकळतपणे चिउताइच्या चोचीतून काही गव्हाचे दाणे पडले होते. ह्या नकळतपणे केलेल्या उपकाराची जाणीव त्या मुंग्यांनी राखली होती. चिऊताईला मात्र हा चमत्कारच वाटला होता.

- हेरंब